‘Say it ain’t so, ‘Joe’ Jackson’

first_imgA few years before the death of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, MJ revealed that he had been abused and beaten by his father, Joe Jackson. The media seized upon these revelations like piranhas closing in on a beef steer that had strayed into waters infested with these aquatic devourers of flesh. There is no excuse for Joe Jackson or any other human being abusing any child physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually but you know what? Joe Jackson’s boys and girls made it big and that in itself may act as a salve on the wounds suffered by his children who in time became arguably the most famous entertainment family in the world. Check this out; however unconventional and allegedly brutal Joe Jackson’s system might have been, there was a method to his madness and his children ended up profiting from the process that he put in place. However, in regards to the ongoing Penn State child abuse scandal a bunch of serious bull crap is spewing out of the mouths of the media. The children that were allegedly sexually abused by ex-PSU coach Jerry Sandusky did not profit on any level from his alleged lust for virgin flesh. A few folks are saying that the funeral of Joe Paterno re-launched and restored his tainted legacy. When I think of the word re-launch, my heart hurts and I can’t help but think of Jan. 28, 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger was launched. The spacecraft exploded shortly thereafter killing all who were on board. The events that transpired on that awful day can never be taken back. You cannot re-launch any vehicle once it has exited the launching pad. How dare these imbeciles imply that that the passing of Paterno automatically gives him “clean hands” in regards to the ongoing scandal. Most people say that Paterno should have “spilled” the beans in a more thorough way but in most states you do not have to be compelled to testify against your spouse. Joe Paterno was “married” to PSU football and he was not going to allow anything including the abuse of a few “have-nots” to threaten his legacy or his marriage to power and money. The accomplishments of Mr. Paterno have been lost in the shuffle of corruption.Did I mention a few of the theories originating from Jimmy Hoffa University or JHU in regards to the disappearance of former prosecutor Ray Gricar being mob influenced? Oops that is politically incorrect, can’t say “mob.” According to my sources; Mr. Gricar is now waiting in line to take over as the curator of MJ’s Neverland Ranch. Uh-huh and I say re-launch the legacy of the late coach Joe Paterno the day that Gricar calls his next press conference to tell us about his new gig.The Pro Bowl is a farce, joke and a spinoff of what professional football is supposed to be. Buyer beware. Take a close look because what you see might just be a preview of the form of play that may be the future of competition in the NFL. These guys may as well have been playing touch football with pads. Was that a football game that the world was watching or did the coaches borrow the playbook from a neighborhood pickup game? In the past I have been credentialed to cover the game and it has never been taken too seriously even by those like me who have traveled over 4660 miles just to sit in the press box. I personally went so I could travel throughout the islands “hanging ten” no, that does not mean riding the waves in Honolulu, but “hanging out” in the “Sun Room” which was my favorite (and cheapest) restaurant near the Hawaiian Hilton which was my place of residence while I was there. In the future, why not alternate the game between San Francisco, San Diego or Seattle in addition to Honolulu and play the game two weeks after the Super Bowl? Currently the game is a crock and there might be a new nickname if it continues as it is now. It will match the Super Bowl; in the future it may just well be called the “Stupid Bowl.”(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: [email protected] or 412-583-6741. Bruce is also the NFL/AFC North analyst on the “Odd Couple Sports Show” streaming live on Fox Sports radio; WCWA 1230am, Toledo, Ohio, Wednesdays from 11-11:30 a.m.) I have never been happy about not going to a Super Bowl but this year is the exception. When I covered Super Bowl XL in Detroit I ended up with pneumonia. If they can only hold the “Lombardi Sweepstakes” in a city with a domed stadium then they should go one step farther and require that the entire city be “domed.” I am convinced that my illness was caused by running in and out of activities and venues during Super Bowl week that had extreme temperature variations from stifling hot to bitter cold. The Super Bowl should not be awarded to any city whose average low temp falls below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, domed stadium or not. It does not seem appropriate to be singing, “the weather outside is frightful but the ‘dome’ is so delightful but since I didn’t make All-Pro let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.” That’s not right, that’s just not right. last_img

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