These mildly infuriating things will make you extremely uncomfortable

first_imgIF YOU ARE a bit of a perfectionist, prepare to feel very very uneasy.All photos collected from the excellent subreddit mildlyinfuriating.1. WHY Source: Imgur2. Again, WHY? Source: Imgur3. This is not a joke. Do you think this is a joke? Source: Imgur4. Way to ruin our lives Source: Imgur5. Everyone around us is a lunatic Source: Imgur6. Evil takes a physical form Source: Imgur7. There is no justice in this world. Make your peace with that now Source: Imgur8. We don’t want it. We don’t care. Take it back Source: Imgur9. This can’t be real life Source: Imgur10. How could people be so cruel? Source: Imgur11. It’s off-centre and we can never unsee it now. We’re ruined. Go on without us Source: Imgur12. Imagine you just bit into the right? What then? Source: Imgur13. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH Source: Imgur14. Whoever built Tetris this display has a lot to answer for Source: Imgur15. Or laid this carpet. You will pay for your sins Source: Imgur16. But this. This is the work of the true face of evil Source: Imgur11 of the world’s most awkward social situations>11 reasons being in a lift is the most awkward thing ever>last_img

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