Boring couple win 1 compensation for Street View trespassing

first_imgWhile most people see Street View data collection as a good thing allowing us all to better navigate the world, there are a growing number of people who are turned off by it and see it as an invasion of privacy. In some cases that privacy invasion may be warranted, especially if Street Views vehicles start driving down private roads.Aaron and Christine Boring decided to take action against Google for just such an offence. In 2008 a Street View car drove up their private road and captured images of their property. The couple saw this as an invasion of privacy and stated it incurred a devaluation of their home.The case has been ongoing with most of the charges being thrown out of court due to the information Google captured already being publicly available elsewhere. But the Boring couple persevered and have finally got a ruling in their favor. Google is guilty of a Count II Trespass and the judge has awarded them $1 in compensation.Google’s comment on the ruling is as follows:We are pleased that this lawsuit has finally ended with plaintiffs’ acknowledgment that they are entitled to only $1. We’re not sure how Aaron and Christine feel about this, hopefully they are focusing on the fact they at least won on one count.Read more at TechCrunchMatthew’s OpinionI can’t help but wonder what would happen if someone drove a car on to one of Google’s properties and started taking photos. Would they sue the individual?If the information collected by the Street View car hadn’t been available elsewhere then this could have gone a completely different way. Google may have been facing up to most of the charges brought, and having to pay much more than a dollar compensation.While Google has every right to travel through public areas taking photos, it should respect private land. When we originally reported on this in 2008 Google stated they do not drive on to private land, but that statement was retracted when someone asked an actual Street View driver and they said they were just told to drive and take pictures. Hopefully more clear guidance is given now.last_img

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