Panasonic augmented reality app helps pick your next TV

first_imgIt’s called the Panasonic VIERA AR Setup Simulator and is free to download from the App Store. You need to print off an AR Marker (vertical or horizontal versions available) and position it in the center of where your new TV will sit. Then load the app and point your camera towards the marker. On your iPhone’s display you can then start flicking through the different models of VIERA TVs until one appears that fits the space perfectly.As it’s augmented reality the TV appears as if it is already sitting in the room and you can move around to view it from different angles. The sizing of each TV will be spot on so you can see how much clearance there will be on all sides. There’s also the option to take a photo for later viewing or to share with others over email, Twitter, or Facebook.It’s a clever idea, but one we’d like to see implemented from a more independent standpoint allowing any and all makes of TV to be visualized. We are also surprised Panasonic hasn’t put in some sort of link to buy option, but would Apple then claim 30% of the sale price?More at Panasonic, via Akihabara News When deciding to buy a new flatscreen TV there’s a few decisions you have to make before choosing a model. Most importantly you need to know how big it can be and whether you want it mounted on the wall or a stand.Panasonic has launched a genuinely useful augmented reality app to help you decide. Or more specifically, help you decide which VIERA TV you want in your home.AdChoices广告last_img

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