exSony man Phil Harrison replacing Molyneux at Microsoft

first_imgIt emerged last week that Peter Molyneux is set to step down from his role at Lionhead Studios and leave Microsoft. His destination is a new start-up called 22 Cans where he will join another former Lionhead employee named Tim Rance. Molyneux will be retained by Microsoft as a creative consultant, and won’t formerly leave until Kinect title Fable: The Journey has shipped.The departure has left Microsoft with a hole in its structure as Molyneux was Creative Director of Microsoft Games Studios. However, it hasn’t taken them long to fill that role, although the person stepping into Molyneux’s shoes may surprise a few people.It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but Gamesindustry.biz have it on good authority from several sources that Phil Harrison is set to become the new Creative Director for Microsoft’s studios. Why may that surprise some? Because Harrison used to be president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios.Harrison left his Sony role in 2008 and has since worked at Infogrames (now Atari) and is currently a part of London Venture Partners, which specializes in investment for the games industry. This latest move, if true, certainly works for Microsoft. Harrison has a lot of experience, certainly knows how the games industry and key rival Sony works, and will no doubt make an impact the moment he arrives at Microsoft.Where as Peter Molyneux was a creative first and foremost, Harrison left game design early in his career to become a management figure within the industry, and has seen great success ever since. The contrasting style is sure to be noticed within Microsoft’s ranks, and I’d say he’s a better fit for Microsoft’s way of doing things.Read more at Gamesindustry.bizlast_img

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