Nintendo introduces DLC a few months after dismissing it

first_imgOnly a few months ago Nintendo announced they were against DLC. CEO Satoru Iwata said that making customers pay excessively for extra content was effective in terms of short term profit, but would not serve their mid-term and long-term business developments. Reggie Fils-aime, president of Nintendo of America, has also been quite negative on DLC, suggesting gamers want a complete experience up front.Yet today, Nintendo announced their first ever DLC for 3DS title New Super Mario Bros. 2. It seems Nintendo has had a sudden change of heart since Reggie and Iwata made comments on why Nintendo doesn’t do DLC. Perhaps they are worried about the upcoming Wii U release and need some short term profit. If they also plan to release DLC for the Wii U, it might attract more third party developers to release games on the console as it acts as an incentive because devs can make more money per title.Even though Nintendo is the first to announce a next generation console, many fear they are behind the competition, at least as far as the technology goes. Because Nintendo is the only company not to do DLC (until now), and their online stores for Wii and DS are nowhere near as popular as Xbox Marketplace and the PSN store, they might have felt the need to catch up here, too.However, such an announcement makes Nintendo seem hypocritical and it is sure to upset a at least a few gamers. How can Nintendo’s CEO make anti-DLC comments in January this year, but then change his mind come June? It hints at a company not completely at ease with its own strategy in the face of growing competition.More at IGN, image via Redditlast_img

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