Yellow Brick Road leads to Glenroy

first_imgMark Bouris was in Melbourne for the opening of the Glenroy branch of Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management, on Thursday 24 February.Yellow Brick Road Glenroy Branch Principal John Condo is a Glenroy suburbs local who has lived and worked in the area for over 18 years. “I have had the privilege of putting many Northern suburbs residents into their first homes, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Yellow Brick Road family with my branch in Glenroy,” said Mr Condo. Talking to Neos Kosmos Mr Condo underscored that he, “built his reputation in Glenroy thanks to the immigrants in the area”.“As with anyone who moves from another country, there is a transition period where the most important thing is customer service, even more so than price,” Mr Condo added.“People want to sit down with someone who is going to listen to their needs and walk knowing that we’re working for them,” he said highlighting Yellow Brick Road’s tailored services.“It is the service, extra time and consideration that makes Yellow Brick Road different from anyone else. Everyone deserves a fair go, and I’ve built my business around giving people the confidence they need to seek the financial services they deserve,” he added. Yellow Brick Road Glenroy offers a full array of financial advice including: home loans; financial planning; insurance; term deposits; accounting and tax. Specialist advice will also be made available to small-to-medium sized business owners. Founder and Executive Chairman of Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management, Mark Bouris called the Yellow Brick Road Glenroy branch opening, “a testament to community spirit”.“We had 50 local business owners from the area who came to celebrate the opening of our branch, which just goes to show how supportive people are of John Condo and the team at Yellow Brick Road Glenroy,” Mr Bouris told Neos Kosmos.When asked by Neos Kosmos why he chose the Melbourne’s Northern suburbs Mr Bouris said: “Every Australian deserves access to quality financial advice and now the residents of the Northern Suburbs can walk into their local Yellow Brick Road and find it.” “I look forward to watching this branch show the Northern suburbs the road to their financial future.Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management has over 50 branches open in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, with 50 more to open in 2011. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img

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