Off Beat Story on Vietnam vet gets lost in translation

first_imgEnemy machine-gun fire doesn’t sound as perilous when it’s described as “belligerent glow.”It’s another case of a message lost in translation.A recent Columbian story about a local veteran apparently went through a translation double-dip from English to Vietnamese and then back into English.When Vietnam vet Aaron Rich received an Army Air Medal during an assembly at Cascade Middle School, the story quickly wound up on a website in Vietnam.Most English sentences include at least one word that has multiple definitions. That’s what influenced that Web version, likely translated on a best-guess basis.During the mission, pilot Don Torrini, said, “There was a lot of enemy fire,” which came out: “There was a lot of rivalry glow.”Former company commander Don Ruskauff recalled flying over thick jungle: “You could be engaged by ground fire,” which became: “You could be intent by belligerent glow.”If he needed to relieve himself during a refueling stop, he couldn’t even head for a latrine, Rich said. “I stepped on a skid and let it go.”last_img

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