The 90s Called And Said To Tell You Zima Is Making A

first_imgPeg your jeans and get ready to start Livin’ On The Edge, 90s geeks! A blast from your boozy beverage past is making a comeback. They’re bottling Zima again.Yes, Zima… The drink that made Greendale Community College alumnus Luis Guzman “dude, I wouldn’t clean my floor with this” will soon be heading to your favorite beer vendors. Not everyone feels the same way about Zima as Luis, of course.Like so many 90s trends, Zima had a pretty loyal following back in the day. MadTV fans might remember it being the preferred drink of Rusty Miller. And, hey, if Crystal Pepsi is worth bringing back for round two then clearly Zima deserves another shot.AdChoices广告Zima had a pretty good run. Coors started bottling it way back in 1993 and it was popular enough to stick around on store shelves until 2008. What ended Zima’s 15-year run? Pete Coors himself told Ad Age how things went down.“We decided to do Zima Gold, which was a huge disaster,” he said. They also made the decision to nix Zima’s trademark fluted bottle with a smooth, generic one which, Coors said “killed the brand, frankly.”Like a lot of trendy American products, Zima remained big in Japan. And now that innumerable other 90s fads are making a comeback, Molson-Coors decided that the time was right to bring the lightly carbonated malt beverage that offered “Zomething different” back for the “one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima.”If you count yourself among them, you’ll have to move quickly. It’s reportedly only being offered for a limited time. Of course, you could say the original Zima was, too, so you may be able to buy it until 2032 for all we know.last_img

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