Big Trouble in Little London for Tenth Doctor in Latest Comic

first_imgStay on target Ahead of his return in a trio of Big Finish audio dramas, the Tenth Doctor continues his TARDIS travels in Titan Comics’ “Revolving Doors” interlude.Since saving the day from the evil Red Jade General, the Time Lord and “his pet,” companion Gabby Gonzalez, land in London, where they must stop an interdimensional monster while facing echoes of the past.Randomly deposited in England’s capital, the Doctor immediately demands they leave, turning cold when Gabby accuses him of unusual behavior.“Doctor?! This isn’t like you!” she tells him.“Isn’t it?” he counters. “How would you know, Gabby? What do you really know about me?!”“… I know you won’t ignore a cry for help,” she says, saved by the bell of a nearby distress call, which, it turns out, was intended to lure the travelers into a creepy trap.via Titan ComicsIt works, and the pair are met by the Reach, an evil octopus-like, other-dimensional exile trying to find its way home. By forcing the Time Lord to revisit those he left behind—to remember the loss, rage, and pain associated with London—the Reach can siphon that emotional energy into a weapon of mass destruction.Can the Doctor save the day? Or will he lose another companion “through the revolving door of life” with him?“Revolving Doors,” written by James Peaty and illustrated by Warren Pleece, is available now for $3.99.The Twelfth Doctor and punk space-bassist Hattie Munroe, meanwhile, are making progress on their investigation of mysterious goings-on at the New Oceanana seaside in 1979.via Titan ComicsPart two of “Beneath the Waves” moves the story along as seaweed “shamblers” attack the Doctor, Hattie, and the inhabitants of the local hotel—including Dr. Brown, who’s looking after the overflow of coma patients, who’ve fallen ill after a series of psychic attacks.Luckily for everyone, the Doctor has a plan: Hand himself over to the creatures from the Black Lagoon.Writer George Mann ends on a cliffhanger, enticing readers to return for the last comic in the trilogy series, brought to life via the stunning artwork of Mariano Laclaustra. Pick up your copy now for $3.99. HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster last_img

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