27 inches of Voltron will cost you 1250

first_imgWhen you’ve been labeled defender of the universe, it’s only natural that people will come up with some very elaborate and very pricey ways to celebrate your existence. Like $1,250 statuettes.The artisans at Sideshow have painstakingly crafted this incredibly detailed Voltron figure. He stands an imposing 27 inches tall, sword in hand, and ready to vanquish whatever intergalactic foe it is that he’s spied somewhere in the distance. Or maybe he’s looking scornfully at anyone who questions his price tag?There really is a phenomenal amount of detail on Sideshow’s maquette. It bears the scars and scorch marks of countless confrontations, and Voltron’s visible mechanical components look incredibly realistic. There’s some nice close-up shots in the video:Though it’s shown here as a single magnificent piece, Sideshow’s creation is actually made up of 106 individual parts. Pay for one of the extremely limited figures, though, and they’ll take care of most of the assembly for you. You’ll only have 11 pieces to fit together to make your massive Voltron maquette display-ready.As nice as the maquette is, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that $1,250 is a bit more than a great number of Voltron fans want to pay for something like this. Fortunately, there’s a very nice alternative — and one that oozes retro awesomeness.Remember this die-cast bad boy? You can still find them on the Internet without too much difficulty, and they tend to sell for a much more reasonable price. There are a few for sale on Amazon right now for about $300, as a matter of fact. Or you could always hold off and pray that Lego does the right thing and greenlights this amazing Ideas set.Voltron: Legendary Defender is the new 13-episode series, and it starts tomorrow on Netflix.last_img

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