By FFWPU Portugal In Europe the month of November

first_imgBy FFWPU PortugalIn Europe the month of November is the month in which Christians celebrate their ancestors, we also as the followers of True Parents, from a few years ago made our version. On November 13, 2016 we celebrated this day in 3 different locations in Portugal: Lisbone, Porto and Lousada. This day was also to remembering our loved ones who left to spiritual world. We celebrated with joy to praise their achievements, for the way and for the merits age that they left for us so that we can find the Messiah. We honored their lives by offering them food and incense, prayers and holy songs.This year we were very pleased to hold an inter-religious event with the support of one of our Peace Ambassadors, a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church, who knows True Parents well and has participated in many Divine Principle education workshops and events while living in Brazil.We created a very beautiful ceremony with a beautiful harmony that pleased both members and invited friends and family members who cherish this Christian celebration, which is most connected with the sense of death spoken in the Bible and the words of Jesus.Many members from the Lisbon community were present and in the end we shared foods that we brought as a one family under God.It was a very good event and all the participants were so happy. This was the first celebration in our Church.last_img

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