Prepared by UPF Italy The Trofeo della Pace an

first_imgPrepared by UPF ItalyThe “Trofeo della Pace”, an inter-ethnic 7-player football tournament, took place on Sunday 24 June at the Sada stadium in Monza, with a large audience of all ages attending.This thirteenth edition was attended by 7 teams: CMR 50, the boys of the Mamma Rita Center, winners of last year – Atletico XX Settembre – Black United – CPIA Monza – Spallanzaska – UPF Sport for Peace, in addition to the Lions Corelli team of Milan who played a “game of welcome” against a selection of players from the Peace Trophy, for a total of a hundred young participants.In the afternoon the special “match of welcome” was held between a selection of the TrofeoPace and guests of the Corelli Lions Club, with the latter winning 1 to 0. Following the three final matches, which saw podium for the third place the CMR50, in second place the CPIA Monza, while they won the 2018 Trophy the young asylum seekers, all originally from Africa, of the Spallanzaska team.Testimonial of this year’s edition was Paolo Monelli, former player who played, among others, 167 games in the Serie A championship with the Fiorentina Team. Together with him were present for the finals and the awards Andrea Arbizzoni, Councilor for Sports of the City of Monza, Desirè Chiara Merlini, Councilor for Social Policies, Carlo Milva and Gaetano Galbiati del Fiammamonza, as well as Carlo Zonato, President of UPF Universal Peace Federation Italy.The initiative was supported by the Municipality of Monza, the Juvenilia Sports Club, with the concession of the training camp and the Sada stadium, the Mamma Rita Center in Monza, the CPIA Permanent Adult Education Center in Monza, while the CONI Lombardia and many Municipalities have granted patronage.Particularly beautiful matches of the finals, where they have distinguished the teams of the CMR 50, the youth of the Center Mamma Rita of Monza, supplemented by some friends, who have conquered the third place beating for 5 to 4 the strong guys of the Black team United of Brugherio, while the young striker of the CMR 50, Cheikh Dokhane, originally from Senegal, was awarded as the best player of the tournament.The final for the first place has seen the team of Spallanzaska prevail for 2 to 0 against the boys of the CPIA, in a game in the balance until the end, just the goalkeeper of the team winning the trophy, the young asylum seeker Adams Mohamed, was awarded as best goalkeeper.At the end the Councilor for Sport Arbizzoni expressed thanks to the organizers for this edition of the Trofeo della Pace, an initiative reputed as one of the best in the Brianza area for its mix of sport, youth and integration, while Carlo Chierico, President of UPF Monza and the soul of the tournament, confirmed that the peace paths carried out by the association are well highlighted by this inter-ethnic tournament, which reflects the values on which the vision of Universal Peace International, NGO active throughout the world and founded by the spouses Korean Moon.Meanwhile, the new women’s edition of the Trofeo della Pace has already been officially announced, with the inter-ethnic volleyball tournament to be held in September.last_img

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