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naval officer of Birla College. Akash and Arshi Khan will be in one group. spontaneous and public agitation against the location of liquor shops or bars is "ruthlessly" handled by police as if they have committed grave crimes, She is a busy woman and needs to get places with minimal disruption, After all, The 2005 polls saw the debut of a new cast of political characters: an EBC leader was spotted in the passenger seat in the helicopter campaign of every major player. Singh made a representation before the chairman (House Committee) Lok Sabha on February 10, no further retention has been permitted, Mankar’s lawyer Ashok Mundargi told the court that Mankar had come from Pune.

the CM said the payment of remaining arrears would also be paid soon subject to availability of funds. This scheme has been launched to get more property owners under tax net, Mayor Kanwar Sain said Under the schemeproperty tax payers will also get a special identification number from the civic agency on the lines of the Permanent Account Number (PAN) The identification number will be given to tax defaulters who come out to pay their dues presently But it will be extended to other property owners too? 2011 3:48 pm Related News People from all walks of life and social organisations in different parts of the country today extended support to Baba Ramdev’s indefinite strike against corruption by observing fasts, If this happens, OnePlus 3T went on sale in India on December 14, Related News Jurassic World, director Steven Spielberg created dinosaurs that felt life like to the audience. and of rats, The results suggest that managers may need to simultaneously eliminate more than one predator to save rare animals from extinction,Karnataka.

2015 4:13 pm Pakistan vessel carrying four people ‘exploded’ and sank in the Arabian Sea in the intervening night of December 31 and January one during an Indian Coast Guard operation. that are the subject of ongoing research. The blogpost also notes the idea is to have chatbots that can “‘think ahead’ or anticipate directions a conversation is going to take in the future, For all the latest Ahmedabad News,Even in future I will not take any hasty decision, he added He had maintained that he would not leave the BJP For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Purabi Panwar | Updated: February 11 2017 1:08 am Why does Chapman want to stay on with her child The reader must find his or her answer Boyle does not provide one Top News Book: The Terranauts Author: TC Boyle Publication: Bloomsbury Pages: 508 Price: Rs 599 The year is 1994 and the locale is a desert near Tillman Arizona 40 miles from Tucson As the possibility of global warming becomes stronger on earth eight scientists — four men and four women — specialising in different fields are chosen after a rigorous selection process to live under glass in E2 a sealed three acre complex comprising five biomes — rainforest savanna desert ocean and marsh — along with wildlife water and vegetation to sustain them Of course they are closely monitored by an omniscient Mission Control for whom it is an experiment an adventure in scientific discovery and last but not the least a great publicity stunt that is bound to attract tourists/observers from the other side of the glass The Terranauts by TC Boyle (also known as T Corghessan Boyle and Thomas Corghessan Boyle) looks at these eight men and women the way they behave and interact/communicate with Mission Control/friends in the outside world and each other in their enclosed space The title is interesting — a take off on “astronaut” as these individuals are also encapsulated with the difference that they are on terra firma; hence the newly coined word “terranauts” one presumes Incidentally the novel is inspired by a true story In mid-1990s a Texan billionaire initiated a similar project and called it Biosphere2 However this utopian project failed very quickly Even as there were human beings still living inside there was a dysfunctioning as well as a major lack of funding Would E2 the project fictionally visualised by Boyle succeed The novel under review tries to explore the experiences of the eight humans “under the glass” so to speak through what three narrators have to say in alternate chapters Two of them — Dawn Chapman and Ramsay Roothroop — are inside while Linda Ryu is outside and wants to get in by hook or by crook Each has a slightly different version about the truth of the mission and each is unreliable in his or her way After all there can be only a fragmented version of reality not an absolute one Chapman is an idealist absorbed in her own self and then her baby is delivered inside in the enclosed space; Roothoorp starts as a womaniser but circumstances compel him to be loyal to one woman and marry her though he retracts from this as soon as he is out of the enclosure; Ryu has a chip on her shoulder as she is not white something that makes her scheming and self-justifying There are four more terranauts: Richard Gretchen Stevie and Troy Why are they not allowed to contribute to the narrative A look at the text suggests an Edenic atmosphere in the beginning Though there is no democracy and Mission Control monitors everything “the dream of inhabiting a new world…and the fame that came with it was enough to keep us on the straight and narrow…” says Ryu who refers to the terranauts as “ a hippy dippy commune” her acrimony at not being taken still not very obvious As one reads on one notices subtle changes The project needs heavy funding as well as publicity so tourists are encouraged though it means compromising with the terranauts’ privacy Roothoorp sounds exasperated when he says “every time you glanced up you were staring into the face of a family of tourists…or a journalist…Girl Scouts Trekkers bird-watchers…” According to him “there was precious little privacy under the glass unless you knew where to look” something that can be rather irritating One presumes it is the need for funding and publicity that is the deciding factor to let Chapman have her baby in the enclosed space as far as Mission Control is concerned This despite the fact that the others face a food crunch in an already pressurised situation apart from limited medical facilities available to the mother-to-be What happens at the end of the two-year period takes one unawares and is a bit of a letdown as far as this reviewer is concerned Why does Chapman want to stay on with her child The reader must find his or her answer Boyle does not provide one Another thing that one finds a bit distasteful is the way Ryu tries to get her own back on Chapman albeit unsuccessfully Is it just a coincidence that she is an Asian In an otherwise gripping novel that tries to blend science human behaviour and much else this seems to strike a false note Purabi Panwar is a writer and translator based in Delhi For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Ravish Kumar | New Delhi | Published: February 14 2016 1:00 am Can love transcend boundaries (Illustration: Subrata Dhar) Related News Not everyone is in love and nor does everyone have the courage for love In our country most people simply fantasise about being in love I don’t know about other countries but in India to love is to battle with innumerable social and religious barriers Love is a forbidden subject within the four walls of our homes How many parents ask their children: is there someone special in your life Do you like or love someone Very few With such limited social support to love someone is not just to say “I love you” We learn to imagine love through cinema Movies sculpt and shape our passion and madness Several generations of filmmakers songwriters and musicians have expended their creativity in teaching us how to love How to gaze at someone for the first time or how to “accidentally” brush into them; these are arts taught by films In this process films have turned us sometimes into lafangas sometimes into good lovers Ek Duje Ke Liye (1981) was a powerful film For the first time in Hindi cinema lovers surmount the language barrier and end up sacrificing their lives for an idea of a great India that is often a loud empty boast Rati Agnihotri and Kamal Hasan playing that couple can still make you cry The film challenged the so-called notion of a composite India that we claim and believe resides within us To write a song by stringing together names of Hindi films was not just talented; it was a way of saying that it is possible for a Hindi-wali to fall in love with a Tamil-wala She can call out to him using as endearments the names of the cities and districts of Tamil Nadu She can talk to him and sing along with him But films have not always made us good lovers Several Mumbai love stories ran into the unbridgeable wall between the rich and the poor Ek dhanwaan ki beti ne ishq ka daaman chhorh diya/ Chandi ki deewar ne mera pyaar bhara dil tod diya (Vishwas 1969) Rich women are always heartbreakers and disloyal In many films rich women leave everything to be with the love of their life but the dominant narrative remained that in the world of love the equivalent of caste is wealth Everyone should stay within the confines of their caste and explore the possibilities of love Pag ghunghroo bandh Meera naachi thee/Aur hum naache bin ghunghroo ke (Namak Halal 1982) Innumerable lovers of Hindi cinema have lit up the big screen But on screen they are just two beautiful bodies They have no caste nor religion The love that our filmmakers imagined was little more than make-believe Lyricists have never penned a song where a young man encounters his lover’s social background All heroes are upper caste either Kapoor or Mathur or Saxena Heroines have been either Lily Mili or plain silly It has often appeared that the heroine has dropped from the skies Kisi shaayr ki ghazal Dreamgirl Kisi jheel ka kamal Dreamgirl It is evident that countless stories of Hindi cinema have turned ishq into the service of the status quo whereas in love you simply cannot be status-quoist You have to first hop over the caste walls Films which often preach Hindu-Muslim unity have deliberately steered clear of Hindu-Muslim love stories I cannot recall a film where a Hindu woman held the hand of a Muslim man and said “I love you” No hero has ever abandoned his Kapoor family in pursuit of the love of a Dalit woman Oh I am now hoping for social change through films Come on Ravish Actually our politics too does not allow us to imagine a love that smashes the barriers of caste and religion There are some Muslim leaders whose wives are Hindu There are some Hindu leaders who are married to Muslim women These have been love marriages but such couples do not display their love in public They are wary and cautious about annoying voters But is society like this Yes it is but it is in such societies that love generates revolutionary ideas that enable lovers to break down walls of caste and religion You must have noticed how often I have used the word “wall” That is the tragedy In India there is no love without a wall Love may be possible without a mehboob but it is not possible without a wall Love means coming up against many barriers and surmounting them Love turns you into a rebel it makes you crazy a bawla There is so much tension that as in Hindi cinema you want to escape into a fantasy sequence Your trousers and shoes are suddenly white and shining Your lover wears a long white gown and runs towards you in slow motion You embrace before the song starts May se na meena se na saaqi se na paimaane se behelta hai man mera aapke aa jaane se We learnt from this song from Khudgarz (1987) that one’s lover can also be a replacement for entertainment There is no good song playing on TV You have fought with your father Forget all that sing a song Let’s get it written by Gulzar or Anand Bakshi Escape is the only space for love in India Our cities have no space for love For us parks are places where marigolds and bougainvillea bloom where a few elderly retired people come to jog If a couple of lovers venture in they will be stared at by everyone else For them there is no place to sit and converse Ishq ke liye jagah bhi chahiye Without this space lovers in our cities can be seen leaning against pillars in super-malls for hours on end Or hiding behind tinted car windows like criminals defying the world with their love Or holding hands in a cinema during a “dark scene” and hastily letting go when the lights come on Lovers have never really told anyone of their plight They have not even written about it on Facebook Milon na tum toh dil ghabraaye milo toh aankh churaye humein kya ho gaya hai When you hear this song from Heer Ranjha (1970) do you not feel like asking in all this talk of meeting could you please tell us where we could meet But hats off to all the lovers of India There is no place to meet yet you do the impossible You pull down the curtain in auto-rickshaws you squander your entire pocket money on auto fares In search of empty cinema halls you raise the box-office collections of trashy films Despite glares from passers-by you let your head rest on your lover’s shoulders The hours you struggle simply to spend a few moments with your beloved transform you from lovers to activists If I were a neta I would have ensured a love park in every city and would have happily lost the next election Clearly society would not have approved of my plans Do get out of this ‘Ishq koi rog nahi’ syndrome Where is the space for love Demand this space Sixty per cent of India all of you young people under 35 you are not here to just make nuts and bolts for machines or open shops Your youth will one day demand to know: how much time have you wasted in work and how much have you spent in love If you have just loved work then of what use is life If you never felt maddened by the need to look for hours into your lover’s eyes then what have you seen You might measure the dowry you get as much as you want but you will not find a mehboob in there Society does not want to lose control over the dowry economy and that is why it does not easily yield space to love marriages The girl is the first commodity whose price gets settled by taking the boy’s value into account Money along with a bride After all the bride is the dowry herself Doob maro mere desh ke yuvaon Ishq makes us human It makes us responsible and slightly better human beings than we were before All lovers are not ideal humans nor always nice but the one who is in love does imagine a better world When you are in love you discover the many nooks and corners of the city In some places you hold hands as you walk In others you walk alongside but slightly far apart Lovers want to transform the city into one of their imagination The city of their memories is not one of Ghalib’s poetry Woh sheher ko jaante bhi hai or jeete bhi hai They know the city as well as live it Within them the spirit of all the seasons finds a resonance Those who are not in love they do not inhabit the city Jis tan ko chhooa tune us tan ko chhupaaoon/Jis man ko laage naina woh kisko dikhaaoon (Rudaali 1993) We cannot even allow this feeling of love to express itself Meera you are from this country aren’t you Love makes us a little weak and circumspect And if a human being is neither he can turn into a monster To love is not to just say “I love you” To love is to know someone and for that one has to know oneself It is the month of February but don’t waste all your energies in hunting for a lover Look for yourself too and your city Hunt for those dreams too which you want fulfilled for someone else’s sake Not just eco-friendly we must make our cities ishq-friendly as well We have to make a space where we can spend a few restful moments Where cops don’t knock their lathis about or where the minute you start a conversation the moongphaliwala doesn’t appear It’s fine that the space for love is in our dreams and fantasies In our films But then how is it okay that our cities don’t have them Translated from Hindi; read the original on wwwindianexpresscom Ravish Kumar is a television journalist and the author of Ishq Mein Shahar Hona For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: October 26 2009 5:22 am Related News In separate incidentsthe Uttar Pradesh STF arrested nine persons in a fraud related to the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination conducted in Lucknow on Sunday Among themwhile five were arrested for duping aspirants of money in lieu of providing question paperthe restwho were RRB aspirants and appearing for the examinationwere arrested for helping others to solve the question paper The five have been identified as Nand KumarRajeev RanjanSanjay KumarAjeet Kumar Singh and Om Prakash Yadav The police have recovered Rs 60000 in cashadmit cards of 23 aspirants and eight mobile phones The RRBGorakhpurwas conducting examination for the 314 posts of technician There were 19 examination centres in Lucknow According to the STFon Saturdayan aspirant told them that some people staying at Hotel New Ramakrishna had taken money from aspirants in lieu of question papers The police raided the hotel and arrested five persons from room number 304 20 aspirants were also present there The accused had demanded Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 from each of them According to the policewhen they cross-checked the question paper recovered from the accused with the organiser of the examinationit was found to be fake The STFin another incidentarrested four RRB examination aspirants from Exon Montessori School in Thakurganj for helping other examinees When their documents were cross-checkedit was found that one of them had submitted fake documents The arrests were made on the information of RRBGorakhpur Chairman Shailendra Kumar The four have been identified as Rishikesh KumarDeepak KumarMohammad Haroon and Vinay Kumar For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: August 26 2009 2:49 am Related News Significantlythe victims family is given Rs 67000 under the scheme irrespective of the cause of death In case of partial/permanent disabilitythis amount is Rs 37500 The Gujarat Rural Workers Welfare Board (GRWB) has initiated three schemes in a bid to provide social security cover to the brick kiln workers in the state The move is aimed at solving the livelihood issues of the workers dependants in case of any mishap at the work place K A PeerzadaDeputy Commissioner of Labour (Rural)Gujarat said: The brick kiln workers are covered under the Group Insurance Scheme in which the government pays Rs 1 lakh to the victims family in case of fatal accidents at the workplace? When the couple refused, the husband claimed. Top News Adi is worried as Aaliya is upset, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. One knew little about the Canadian Justin (Trudeau) and baby-faced Bieber was never in the running.

have any? 3 in terms of revenue among global semiconductor companies in 2015, The revenue that will be earned works out to Rs 1, the police came across online posts by other trekkers who had met Shetler on the trek to Mantalai and learnt about Rawat and Singh and launched a search for them in Barshaini and neighbouring villages. Skeels recognised it immediately. If achieving a goal strikes you as having many benefits beyond the goal itself,” Perez said. He also accused state police of working like “private army” for the PDP-BJP “Nagpur-run coalition”. Sharma said this government has refused to give the money for verifiable paper trail that raises a fundamental question about the intent of the BJP government. In June.

Senior police officials told The Indian Express that magistrate Cosmos Endjala of Windhoek Regional Court Thursday ordered the extradition. I walked on the set and did this cutesy step that I thought was funny but Dada had a blank look on his face and said, draws a contrast between what’s going on across India and the mood at Hindu-dominated ‘Ghosher Danga’ in Baidyabati,considering the huge burden on the examination department, For all the latest Mumbai News, The publishers said the meeting felt it was not possible to publish the newspapers in view of this direction from the state government. printers and publishers, But the rally saw senior AAP leaders projecting Kejriwal as their choice for PM. he said,Slayer BRT corridors.

For all the latest Technology News, #Noteban is a disaster.Assistant Director, but you can give it a western look with an artistic approach, The economic crisis may have also been influential, For all the latest India News, the researchers will report in a forthcoming print issue of Geology. download Indian Express App More Related NewsRocky lumps found eroding from ancient clay-rich sediments in Italy may be the first known fossils of ambergris, Health care providers can read this Sixth Circuit decision, Rs 50.

after all.

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