World Cup 2026 FIFA President Says Morocco Hosting Would Not Be

Rabat – After incurring months of heavy criticism for his alleged preference for the North American bid to host the 2026 World Cup, FIFA president Gianni Infantino is now sending messages of objectivity and neutrality ahead of next week’s vote to determine the winning bid.“FIFA can afford whatever the congress decides,” Infantino said on Monday, a suggestion that no one in the FIFA administration would begrudge Morocco its success should the Moroccan bid triumph on June 13.“We have to live with that and to make the best of any decision which is taken,” Infantino added. Last week, the task force published its final assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the two contending bids. Morocco’s bid, which was deemed “sufficient” by FIFA’s committee of technical experts, was declared “fit” to organize a tournament at FIFA standards for the World Cup.The task force, however, ranked the North American bid “significantly higher” in terms of projected financial returns.Asked whether Morocco’s triumph would be more costly for FIFA, Infantino stated that “money is one element, but not the only [one].” According to Infantino, the report only highlighted that a prospective Moroccan triumph would require more investment in construction and renovation.Adamant that the task force was diligent and fair, Infantino reiterated FIFA’s executive board’s neutrality throughout the entire process of the evaluation and scrutiny of the Moroccan and the joint North American bids: “What our task has been is to make sure the process is as objective, as clear as possible and to highlight the pros and the cons of everything.”To national federations, however, Infantino’s message is that voting should be based on merit alone, rather than on any other criteria which the FIFA president described as “subjective.”“I hope when they vote they think what is best for football, definitely not on other subjective criteria that they might have for themselves.” read more

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DR Congo despite improved security situation remains fragile UN envoys warn

Briefing the Security Council this morning, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative in the DRC and the head of the UN mission there (MONUSCO), Martin Kobler, recalled that in August 2013, the “M23 [armed militia] was knocking on the gates” of Goma, the main city in the vast country’s restive eastern region. “I am pleased to note some tangible progress. A number of armed groups have been sent to the history books. Others will follow. In addition, a growing number of Congolese can envision a better future. These positive developments constitute the foundations of a lasting peace in the Great Lakes region.”Last year, he recalled daily reports of killings, rapes and displacement, causing suffering among the population. Last August, Council had condemned the bloody attacks by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) on Congolese citizens, which forced 66,000 people to flee their homes. In addition, last year the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) activity in eastern DRC was on the rise, with reports of attacks on Rwanda territory as well. The situation is now very different, Mr. Kobler pointed out. “Today, through joint efforts of Congolese military and the UN force, the M23 is no more. Today the FARDC [Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo] – at great cost to its troops – has reduced the ADF to a shadow of its former self.“Today, almost 4,000 combatants from a mixed bag of Congolese armed groups have surrendered. And today, the FDLR appears to start to voluntarily disarm while almost 500,000 displaced persons have returned to their homes,” he said. However, he warned that the situation remained fragile and “not irreversible.” The DRC Government believes that there are still 1,500 FDLR combatants in the country. He expressed concern that their leadership was largely ignoring orders by multiple parties to transfer the first groups out of preliminary camp. This was preventing further disarmament.“I suggest joint military operations against the FDLR factions that do not want to disarm and take action against those who continue to violate human rights,” said Mr. Kobler, adding that “standing still means we are moving backwards.”The longer the process takes, the higher the risk that rival armed groups may seek to replace the FDLR in liberated areas, he warned. He also expressed deep concern over the massacre of 33 people in Mutarule on 3 June. The National Police and Army as well as MONUSCO failed to intervene although they were close to the location. He stressed the need for “accountability for inaction,” and said that the incident brought to light that it is not enough to be present – one has to act to protect civilians. Also briefing the Council today, Mary Robinson, in her last appearance before the Security Council as Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region, recalled that welcoming on 31 May the FDLR’s announcement of voluntary surrender. “However, the process has yet to gain sufficient traction to show it is credible,” she said, adding that while progress has been achieved, much more work is required in the days ahead. On a larger front, serious challenges confront the progress made in security and development. Under the Peace Security and Cooperation (PSC) Framework, all parties must immediately and effectively address the challenges or else they have the potential to undo the progress achieved, and ultimately undermine peace.“The PSC Framework offers solutions to cycles of conflicts that were decades in the making. It would not be realistic to expect that solutions would come overnight,” said Mrs. Robinson. Equally central to the success of the PSC Framework is the full participation of civil society, particularly women and youth, which are too often left out in critical decision making processes, despite their significant proportional stake in the affairs of the region. She also cited the humanitarian situation, impunity, the plight of refugees and displaced persons, restoration of state authority in the eastern DRC, the acceleration of the reform of the security sector and the process of voluntary disarmament of the FDLR. read more

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South Sudans peace process precarious but progress in being made Security Council

Briefing the Council in New York, Special Representative and head of the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), David Shearer, explained developments and downfalls he’s witnessed since the official peace ceremony last year.Pesident Salva Kiir and his former deputy, Riek Machar, entered into a peace accord last September, which would see him return as Vice President, in a move to end the country’s brutal six-year civil war – the result of on-going clashes between opposing party loyalists in 2013.Mr. Shearer said Mr. Machar’s visit to the capital Juba last week, at the invitation of President Kiir, “was an important development”, noting the apparent “conciliatory” demeanor between the two forces who spent “several hours in formal and informal discussions.”“These meetings need to continue”, he stressed. ‘Cautious optimism’A positive outcome of the meeting was the renewed commitment to forming a transitional government, he said, which “maintains the momentum of peace and bolsters confidence among South Sudanese.”However, the citizens of what is the world’s youngest nation, are proceeding with “cautious optimism”, the Secretary-General’s latest report on future peace plans states.As a ceasefire has continued in most parts of the country, more internally displaced persons are expressing a willingness to return home. Yet, “several impediments exist, including uncertainty about the peace process,” the peace plan highlights.Mr. Shearer said the challenge of receiving “tangible results” towards a lasting peace, still remains and highlighted the need for progress in three areas: Unification of security forces; political consensus on the number of states and boundaries; and finalizing leadership details of the transitional government.The Mission chief praised the positive outcomes so far, including diminishing cases of displacement, improvements in food security and commitment to security at the grassroots level.If more people can return home, food and farming productivity can also pick up, Mr. Shearer said. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), South Sudan’s cereal production has increased by 150,000 metric tonnes in the last year, “an indication of what peace can provide.”“Still, some 6.3 million people – or 54 percent of the population – remain food insecure and have limited access to healthcare. And we’ve also noted, that child malnutrition in the short term, has also increased”, he lamented, though “severity maps” from the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) show a trend in “becoming more orange and yellow, rather than red.”In terms of getting people help on the ground, access is “improving” Mr. Shearer reported, adding that incidents are down 30 per cent from last year, which has “emboldened humanitarians to plan greater outreach to more remote areas.”Stimulating the peace process, ‘improving lives’UNMISS is doing its part to rebalance deployment of peacekeepers, “moving away from static protection…to increase confidence building patrols in areas where people will be returning to”, he said.“However, the Government must take the lead” when it comes to creating a climate of safety for its people.Mr. Shearer stressed that “a South Sudan that is truly at peace will no longer need UN protection sites.”Looking forward, he underscored the pivotal role of national elections in the years ahead, stressing that the new Transitional Government “provides an opportunity to lift our gaze from immediate challenges,” and see the official change in Government as a chance to resolve conflict by “democratic rather than violent means.”The political space should address the country’s lack of transparency when it comes to oil revenue spending, unpaid soldiers, and delayed pay for civil servants.“The bottom line is this. While the situation for many South Sudanese citizens remains bleak, the last year of peace has kick-started a transformative process that is improving lives,” Mr. Shearer concluded.He recounted personally witnessing “former enemies, once committed to killing each other, sitting amicable across the table planning a future together.”If South Sudan’s officials “every needed inspiration to reconcile and work in the country’s best interests, they can find it under trees and in tukuls where communities are coming together to build peace,” he said.Attesting to work by UNMISS alongside local communities, Mr. Shearer said, “I promise you” work is being done “to lay strong foundations so that peace is sustained.”“The peace process remains precarious, but progress is being made,” the special representative encouraged. read more

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Silence can kill says Prince William as he urges honesty over mental

first_imgThe Duke and Duchess, together with Prince Harry, launched the Heads Together campaign to bring together mental health charities in a national effort to destigmatise mental health. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend an assembly on children's mental health at a primary school on Monday  “If one of these other issues took so many young lives, there would be a national outcry.  But there has only ever been silence. And this has to stop.  This silence is killing good people.” Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend the Place2Be at the Mitchell Brook primary School in North west London  Credit:Paul Grover for the Telegraph The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended an assembly on children’s mental health at a primary school earlier in the dayCredit:Ian Vogler /PA Duchess of Cambridge He went on: “I was already experiencing the benefits of this open, positive approach to mental health in my work in Search and rescue and as an Air Ambulance pilot.  In both these environments, every member of the crew is actively encouraged to admit to when we are feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope, whatever the cause – our work or our home life.  “My employer, I’m proud to say, knows about the value of normalizing mental health, and treating it with the same respect that we confer on physical health.  This should be the norm.” Duchess of Cambridge “But I got interested in mental health for another reason.  One that was related to my work as an Air Ambulance pilot.  “It was suicide, a subject that is so often hidden.  The suicide rate among young men in this country is an appalling stain on our society.  Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in this country.  Not cancer, not knife crime, not road deaths – suicide.center_img Credit:Eddie Mulholland It is the official charity of the 2017 London Marathon, which the royal trio hope will become the “mental health marathon”. Duchess of Cambridge The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, who wore a magenta outfit by Oscar de la Renta, were attending a symposium in London of the Guild of Health Writers at which Paul Farmer, chief executive of the mental health charity Mind, said Britain was in the grip of an “anxiety epidemic”.He said the number of young men suffering from anxiety had doubled from 1.9 per cent to 3.8 per cent, and that men were more likely than women to keep quiet about it.But he said there was some good news, because the number of people seeking help had risen from 25 per cent to 37 per cent. Credit:Paul Grover for the Telegraph The Duke of Cambridge has stressed that “silence can kill” as he urged people struggling with their mental health to tell someone about it.Addressing an audience of health writers, he said he had benefited from a working environment as a helicopter pilot in which all crew members were encouraged to admit to feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope.For others, though, minor issues can become serious for people who are afraid to talk about their problems, he said, so that on average it takes a sufferer 10 years to admit to a problem.As a result, said the Duke, suicide has become the leading cause of death in men under 40, a fact he described as “an appalling stain on our society”. Credit:Paul Grover for the Telegraph Mental health, said the Duke, is “the great taboo” and it is vital to “normalise” the subject so that it is viewed in the same way as physical health.He said that until now: “If you were anxious, it’s because you were weak.  If you couldn’t cope with whatever life threw at you, it’s because you were failing“Successful, strong people don’t suffer like that, do they.  But of course – we all do.  It’s just that few of us speak about it. Show more last_img read more

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These mildly infuriating things will make you extremely uncomfortable

first_imgIF YOU ARE a bit of a perfectionist, prepare to feel very very uneasy.All photos collected from the excellent subreddit mildlyinfuriating.1. WHY Source: Imgur2. Again, WHY? Source: Imgur3. This is not a joke. Do you think this is a joke? Source: Imgur4. Way to ruin our lives Source: Imgur5. Everyone around us is a lunatic Source: Imgur6. Evil takes a physical form Source: Imgur7. There is no justice in this world. Make your peace with that now Source: Imgur8. We don’t want it. We don’t care. Take it back Source: Imgur9. This can’t be real life Source: Imgur10. How could people be so cruel? Source: Imgur11. It’s off-centre and we can never unsee it now. We’re ruined. Go on without us Source: Imgur12. Imagine you just bit into the right? What then? Source: Imgur13. AAAARRRRGGGHHHH Source: Imgur14. Whoever built Tetris this display has a lot to answer for Source: Imgur15. Or laid this carpet. You will pay for your sins Source: Imgur16. But this. This is the work of the true face of evil Source: Imgur11 of the world’s most awkward social situations>11 reasons being in a lift is the most awkward thing ever>last_img read more

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Nintendo introduces DLC a few months after dismissing it

first_imgOnly a few months ago Nintendo announced they were against DLC. CEO Satoru Iwata said that making customers pay excessively for extra content was effective in terms of short term profit, but would not serve their mid-term and long-term business developments. Reggie Fils-aime, president of Nintendo of America, has also been quite negative on DLC, suggesting gamers want a complete experience up front.Yet today, Nintendo announced their first ever DLC for 3DS title New Super Mario Bros. 2. It seems Nintendo has had a sudden change of heart since Reggie and Iwata made comments on why Nintendo doesn’t do DLC. Perhaps they are worried about the upcoming Wii U release and need some short term profit. If they also plan to release DLC for the Wii U, it might attract more third party developers to release games on the console as it acts as an incentive because devs can make more money per title.Even though Nintendo is the first to announce a next generation console, many fear they are behind the competition, at least as far as the technology goes. Because Nintendo is the only company not to do DLC (until now), and their online stores for Wii and DS are nowhere near as popular as Xbox Marketplace and the PSN store, they might have felt the need to catch up here, too.However, such an announcement makes Nintendo seem hypocritical and it is sure to upset a at least a few gamers. How can Nintendo’s CEO make anti-DLC comments in January this year, but then change his mind come June? It hints at a company not completely at ease with its own strategy in the face of growing competition.More at IGN, image via Redditlast_img read more

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Want to help the victims of the fires in Greece Heres how

first_imgGreeks and philhellenes around the world have been left in shock over the scenes in Attica, Greece the past few days as wildfires ravaged villages and suburbs east of Athens.People have lost their lives, loved ones; homes have burnt down, while others are fighting for life, and many are still missing.There has been an outpouring of empathy and assistance in Greece, with emergency services personnel and volunteers coming to people’s aid.For those abroad wishing to contribute in some way, the Greek government has set up a reconstruction and support fund for the areas and people affected by the disaster.Advisor to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of the Hellenic Republic, Penny Douti has been appointed coordinator for the fund.The details are as follows:Eidikos Logariasmos Pyroplikton ths 23hs kai 24hs Iouliou 2018Bank of GreeceBIC/SWIFT: BNGRGRAAIBAN: GR 4601000230000002341195169Meanwhile a number of other official bank accounts have been set up, and are accepting donations for the victims.Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi:Piraeus BankIBAN: GR20 0172 1860 0051 8609 2291 418Hellenic Red Cross:EurobankIBAN: GR64 0260 2400 0003 1020 1181 388Doctors of the World (Greece): National Bank of GreeceIBAN: GR27 0110 1410 0000 1412 9611 217Alpha BankIBAN: GR06 0140 1990 1990 0200 2002 401Piraeus BankIBAN: GR03 0172 0180 0050 1800 5706 640The Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) has been in contact with Greece’s Alternate Foreign Minister Terence Quick and the Greek Ambassador to Australia amongst other officials. In a press release they revealed that they have been advised to wait for direction from Greece to best target any assistance that the diaspora would seek to offer.In the meantime, the GCM has written to other Victorian Greek community organisations seeking a collaborative approach for the relief program that is expected to follow.“We have spoken with both the Delphi Bank and the Bank of Sydney and asked them to open the relevant accounts to allow for donations to start to be collected. I have also spoken with a number of Greek community leaders encouraging them to coordinate altogether and provide a targeted response as requested by the Greek authorities” said GCM president Bill Papastergiadis.“I am sure that there will be a number of ways in which we can assist and have already started to collate the possible relief beneficiaries. To that extent, I have only just spoken with Giorgios Patoulis, the President of the Federal Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE), who informed me that his organisation with the support of the Mayor of Rafina, will set up a fund for first home owners who lost a home and were uninsured,” he added.A meeting is due to be announced shortly to detail the relief program for all community leaders, with all organisations encouraged to attend.Neos Kosmos will endeavour to keep you updated on all other official efforts to assist.For further information on the fund set up by the Greek government, email pendouti@mfa.grFor more on the work being done by Doctors of the World, visit Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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5 Reasons To Play Titanfall 2

first_imgWith Battlefield 1 having recently been released and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare just a couple of weeks away, Titanfall 2 has some stiff competition in the world of AAA first person shooters this year. Whereas the previous Titanfall launched virtually unchallenged, Titanfall 2 is going to have a tough time securing a spot on gamers’ shelves this fall.Despite being the underdog of the three-way FPS race, Titanfall 2 does have a lot going for it. New features, a revamped multiplayer, and the inclusion of an honest-to-goodness single player campaign make Titanfall 2 superior to its multiplayer-only predecessor. Now that it is on the PlayStation 4, the Titanfall series has room to grow exponentially and has a better shot at becoming one of this generation’s powerhouse franchises. If you’re an FPS fan, this is one game you’ll regret overlooking.Below are five reasons why you should be excited for Titanfall 2.A single player storyIt’s best to start off with the one thing everyone wanted from the first Titanfall — an actual single player story. Respawn had plans to include a campaign mode in Titanfall but lacked the time and resources. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of fan requests, Titanfall 2 boasts a story that will be every bit as engaging as the multiplayer mode.The story itself focuses on a soldier named Jack Cooper who allies with his squad mate’s Titan (BT-7274) in order to fight aliens, robots, and human enemies on a hostile world. Though the story is linear, levels are open-ended enough that players can accomplish goals any way they wish. Like any good FPS game, players have to take out foes by using an obscene amount of fire power. However, certain sections allow for a more stealthy approach. On top of run-and-gun action, there will also be a good number of platforming puzzles to solve.Based on early reviews, the game’s story is one of the best this year — something I don’t think any of us quite expected. The series also has an interesting lore so it will be satisfying to finally see it fleshed out in this game.No one is excludedUnlike the first Titanfall which was only released on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, Titanfall 2 will be launching for the PlayStation 4.This is good news for several reasons. The main one being that PlayStation-only users won’t be left out of the party this time around. There is also the fact that the PlayStation 4 boasts the largest console user base, meaning that Titanfall 2 now has the potential to become even bigger. This in turn will lead to more games in the franchise — certainly a win for everyone involved.The only sad part here is that players will be segregated to their own ecosystems and won’t be able to play against one another via crossplay. I realize this isn’t something that is exactly common, but now that the door is open to such a feature, it would have been nice to see in Titanfall 2.Free contentRespawn is going against the grain by giving away all post-launch content for free. In an age where gamers expect to pay more for even the most insignificant additional content, giving users free DLC is borderline insanity. This fact alone should earn Respawn a lot of credit among gamers and pay off with boosted game sales.Vince Zampella said that he and the team want players to be “happy with their $60 game.” Because of this mindset, all of the game’s maps and modes will be available to download at no additional charge. Releasing DLC for free will cost Respawn money, but as I mentioned above, if the game ends up selling more copies because people know all of its DLC will be free, the losses will be mitigated.Releasing free DLC is certainly a gamble, but one that should pay off (quite literally) if Respawn engenders enough goodwill from the gaming community.Revamped multiplayerTitanfall had a solid multiplayer the first time around and Respawn is looking to take what worked and streamline it for the sequel. While multiplayer may not be the only playable mode in Titanfall 2, it is still receiving all of the attention it needs in order to compete with the likes of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.Some of the chaos of the first game has been toned down in order to make things friendlier for newcomers. After all, you want people to have a grasp of what’s happening around them in multiplayer in order to make things fair. One way the game is doing this is by making it so your position isn’t revealed to players whenever you shoot at NPC foes. The last thing you want is for another player to shoot you in the back while you’re busy defending yourself from AI opponents.There is now a heavier emphasis on customization. Everything from your player character to Titan can be customized in a variety of ways. More options open up as you level up, but even at lower levels you are given a lot of things to work with. Customization isn’t just cosmetic either, and there will be loads of options to help tailor the game to fit your specific play style.Overall, the multiplayer mode has more content than before. This is important considering how many players stopped playing Titanfall shortly after it launched. With extra modes, more diverse maps, and greater customization options, players should be playing Titanfall 2 for quite some time.New gameplay mechanicsIt wouldn’t be fun if Titanfall 2 was exactly like the first game. Thankfully, Respawn has added a few new mechanics meant to not only differentiate it from its predecessor, but make the game more enjoyable overall.New mechanics include a throwable pulse blade that shows the location of nearby foes, a holographic pilot that copies a player’s actions, the ability to slide, and a grappling hook that helps players traverse the world more efficiently. There is also the inclusion of classes for Titans, each with its own set of abilities.Wall running makes a comeback but it has been slowed down somewhat so that it is easier to chain together with zip-lining. The pace may not be as fast as before, but this helps players get a better feel for their surroundings. And, as previously mentioned, it lessens some of the craziness of playing online. That last part could be seen as a negative, but knowing what you’re doing — especially in multiplayer — is always a good thing.What excites you the most about Titanfall 2? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

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Carbon Tax Could Trigger Food Shortages by 2050

first_imgStay on target Climate change is here to stay. And if we want future generations to survive on this planet (at least until they lower ticket prices for commercial flights to Mars), we need to come up with a fix—and fast.One idea, favored among economists for reducing global-warming emissions, is so-called carbon pricing: charging folks for the right to expend carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.But this option is “naive,” according to physicist and science writer Mark Buchanan.Citing a new study, Buchanan warned in an op-ed for Bloomberg that a significant carbon tax “could trigger food shortages by 2050 for many of the poorest people in the world, and even be worse than climate change continuing completely unabated.”The research paper, published late last month in the journal Nature Climate Change, points out the obvious: crop production is in grave danger, thanks to warmer and drier conditions.But efforts to mitigate climate change through comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions reductions may also “negatively affect food security,” the study said.A colorless, odorless gas, carbon dioxide occurs naturally in Earth’s atmosphere as a trace gas. It is used in fire extinguishers and air guns, as a chemical feedstock and solvent in decaf coffee; companies add it to water and carbonated beverages, and it makes for one hell of a magic show when frozen solid.Sounds harmless, right? Wrong: CO2 is the most significant long-lived greenhouse gas, rapidly increasing its concentration and leading to global warming and ocean acidification.Some analysts have suggested levying a tax on the carbon content of fuels, in hopes of reducing the harmful levels of CO2 emissions and decelerating climate change.A number of countries—including Singapore, Australia, Denmark, France, Norway, and the UK—have implemented carbon or energy taxes, typically imposed on energy products and motor vehicles, rather than carbon dioxide emissions directly.Though the US is one of the few large, industrialized nations that does not implement a tariff, many American corporations have set an internal price on carbon. In 2010, Montgomery County, Maryland passed the nation’s first county-level carbon tax.But many scientists believe this is the wrong approach.“By 2050, stringent climate mitigation policy, if implemented evenly across all sectors and regions, would have a greater negative impact on global hunger and food consumption than the direct impacts of climate change,” the research paper said. “The negative impacts would be more prevalent in vulnerable, low-income regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, where food security problems are already acute.”As Buchanan pointed out, these are “only estimates,” and there is “plenty of uncertainty in this analysis.”Still, the study is a good reminder of how creative we’ll need to be in finding ways to deal with global warming.“In addition to emissions reductions, we’re going to need wise agricultural policies, stronger social safety nets, and better international cooperation,” Buchanan said.And probably some help from Captain Planet.Climate change has far-reaching consequences: from rising sea levels to a shortage of iconic brunch drinks. Find out more about the frightening future of our planet here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutResearchers Transform CO2 Into Liquid Fuel last_img read more

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FCC chairman addresses 5G safety concerns in letters to lawmakers

first_img Share your voice FCC 6 Mobile FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says lawmakers need not worry about 5G safety concerns.  / Getty Images FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is trying to quell fears among lawmakers that 5G radios are dangerous to health. On Thursday, the chairman sent a series of letters to lawmakers in response to inquiries about health concerns related to 5G that been sent to him in the past couple of months. In each of the letters he said that the FCC places a “high priority on the safety of wireless services and devices.” He said the agency’s guidelines for RF exposure are derived from guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the industry group the IEEE and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements. “The FCC relies on the expertise of health and safety agencies and organizations with respect to appropriate levels of RF exposure,” he said. “These institutions have extensive experience and knowledge in RF-related issues and have spent a considerable amount of time evaluating published scientific studies that can inform appropriate exposure limits.”The response comes as concerns about the safety of 5G wireless technology has been increasing among lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Three Congressmen in the past two months have sent letters to the agency expressing their concerns about potential negative health effects due to exposure to radio frequencies used in delivering 5G wireless service. Representatives Andy Kim, a Democrat from New Jersey,  Thomas Suozzi, a Democrat from New York, and Peter Defazio, a Democrat from Oregon, say their constituents are worried that 5G radios, which are being deployed atop street lights every few blocks in many communities, may have negative effects that are still unknown. “Small cell towers are being installed in residential neighborhoods in close proximity to houses throughout my district,” said Rep. Suozzi in his letter. “I have heard instances of these antennae being installed on light poles directly outside the window of a young child’s bedroom. Rightly so, my constituents are worried that should this technology be proven hazardous in the future, the health of their families and value of their properties would be at serious risk.”5G, which refers to the fifth generation of cellular technology, is the next big thing in wireless technology and it’s been hailed as the foundation for other big trends like self-driving cars and streaming virtual reality.Unlike previous generations of wireless, 5G will require up to five times the amount of infrastructure as 3G or 4G deployments. The big promise of 5G — a massive leap in speed — requires the use of super high-frequency radio waves, called millimeter-wave spectrum, that are limited by range and obstructions like trees. The result is a network requiring radios on every city block, versus 4G gear that transmits signals over miles.What this means is that there could be nearly 800,000 of these so-called small cells deployed in the US between 2018 and 2026 to provide 5G, according to a study commissioned by the wireless industry trade group CTIA. In a separate report, CTIA estimates that roughly 323,000 cell sites were in service at the end of 2017.Rep. Kim said in his letter that the FCC noted that the agency has not updated its regulations regarding radiofrequency RF safety since 1996. He also pointed out that the current RF safety guidelines don’t account for the higher frequencies that 5G service uses or the fact that so many more radios are needed to achieve 5G service coverage. He asked the FCC to answer a series of questions about what research has been conducted as it relates to the safety of 5G.”Despite the close proximity to sensitive areas where these high-band cells will be installed, little research has been conducted to examine 5G safety,” he said. He added that the FCC has admitted that its guidelines need to be reassessed with respect to the use of newer wireless technologies. Rep. Defazio noted that the Government Accountability Office made a similar recommendation in 2012. “It is unacceptable that six years later the FCC still has not conducted a reassessment of its 1996 guidelines,” Defazio said in his letter.In his letters, Pai noted that the FCC has had an open proceeding to address updating its guidelines since 2013. And he assured the lawmakers the agency is working through the “voluminous” record to see if anything needs to be changed or updated. But he did not address specific concerns brought up in the letters. He also offered to bring congressional staff into the FCC’s testing facility in Columbia, Maryland so that they could “see and speak with our engineers and technicians as they operate the RF testing equipment.”Pai’s response is consistent with comments he made to the press in April. When asked about the issue during a press conference in April, Pai acknowledged that the nature of 5G “will be very different” than  4G, since it relies on small cells. But he said that the radios operate at much lower power than traditional cell sites. He added that “from that perspective, I am confident that in consultation with the FDA, which is the lead on this issue, that the technology will be safe.” Tags Commentslast_img read more

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Prem Singh set to make his acting debut in Bollywood soon

first_imgPrem SinghPR HandoutPrem Singh is gearing up to make his acting debut with an upcoming Bollywood movie, which is currently in the pre-production stages. The aspiring actor is eager to share the details of his first film.To be an actor was Prem Singh’s childhood dream. However, some dreams require a lot of patience and perseverance. Also, the journey of getting into the film industry isn’t an easy one. One has to face rejections and also wait for longer than expected to get their first acting project.However, Prem Singh was stubborn enough to not give up on his dream to become an actor even if it would take years to fulfil it. Prem is the owner of Aashapura marbles and also does a lot of donations. Along with all of this, he kept his passion and love for acting and films alive till he gets a right opportunity to shine.All his patience, honesty and hard work have finally paid off. Prem Singh will soon be making his Bollywood debut and for the same, he has collaborated with one of the phenomenal directors. As the project is on the initial stage, Prem can’t reveal much but he is extremely happy that his first acting project in Bollywood is so promising.In a statement, Prem said, “I’ve always loved movies. I used to watch almost every movie in the theatre and act like the actors when I would come home. That’s when I realised I also want to become an actor. I’ve taken part in local plays during my college days and it has helped me understand the craft more. Now that I am finally set to work in a film, I have no words to express my joy.”last_img read more

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British engineers report successful test of space penetrator

first_img Citation: British engineers report successful test of space penetrator (2013, July 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from ( —British engineers have told reporters that a test of their space penetrator has been conducted and all signs suggest it was a complete success. The space penetrator is a bullet shaped projectile with electronics inside. Its purpose is to hard-land on another planet or moon, penetrating the surface by up to ten feet, then radio back sensor information. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The Galileo spacecraft took this image of Europa, which is about the size of Earth’s moon, in 1996. Credit: NASA. Dual Drill Designed for Jupiter’s Europa Ice In the test, the penetrator was fired at a 10 tonne block of ice—it struck the block moving at approximately 340m/s, which is of course nearly the speed of sound. While the block of ice was reduced to a giant snow-cone, the electronic instruments inside the probe remained intact and in fact, continued to operate as planned, thanks to a spring mechanism engineers crafted to help soften the blow.The main goal of the penetrator is to determine whether life exists on another planet or moon in our solar system. Currently, the hope is that it will be used on Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is believed to be harboring a liquid ocean beneath its icy crust. The penetrator would be carried aboard a more traditional space craft then launched into orbit around a target as part of a satellite. At the appropriate time, a penetrator module would be ejected from the satellite. The module would consist of the penetrator and an engine component to propel the module to a desired location. Once that location is reached, the engine would be released and the penetrator would fall head first down to the surface below. Because of its high speed, it would make its way some distance below the surface before stopping.The researchers report the test penetrator experienced 24,000g as it came to a rest. Once in place, the penetrator would then begin sending sensor data via radio messages to the satellite which would relay them back to Earth.Representatives for the project team told the media that the penetrator could host a wide variety of sensors and could even carry a small drill for taking samples near the probe.The penetrator project is being funded by the European Space Agency, though the agency has yet to decide whether the penetrator will ever actually be deployed. Researchers on the project say it will be ready for launch within a decade’s time. More information: via BBC © 2013 Explore furtherlast_img read more

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CES 2017 HTC Wants to Drive the VR Revolution and It Needs

first_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 3 min read January 5, 2017 Register Now »center_img Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Entrepreneur is on the ground at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Check back for highlights from the event as well as insights from thought leaders and innovators. Today at CES, HTC announced a web of initiatives designed to rapidly grow its virtual reality market. The plan will empower smaller companies, content creators and just about anyone en route to HTC’s ultimate goal — building the largest ever virtual reality platform.While VR’s revolution has seemed stalled for years, 2016 saw some important launches including Facebook’s Oculus and Sony’s Playstation VR. HTC’s $800 Vive was also released last year and reportedly sold more than 140,000 units between April and October. To be sure, that’s not a massive number, which is likely why HTC would want a ground-up approach to boost both its user base and consumer interest in general.Image credit: Stephen J. BronnerRelated: Nothing Matters at CES 2017 Without the SmartphoneThe new strategy is multi-pronged and hinges on content. Some 1,000 pieces of VR content released on HTC’s platform last year, an average of 30 a week, and the company predicts 3,000 titles will release at the end of this year, said Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport, the platform’s content store. The company specifically mentioned it will focus on the education, with apps designed to help teachers visualize their lessons to students, and enterprise markets (HTC did not specify specifics for the latter).To help consumers discover content, which helps developers reach new audiences, Vive will introduce a virtual reality subscription service — “it’s Netflix for VR,” Steiber said.Related: What 4 Experts Expect From This Year’s CESBut the company also needs to expose more people to its hardware. One way to do that is to place headsets in the real world, in what it’s dubbing VR arcades. Any business from a movie theater, a theme park to just anyone with space can start an arcade business. And to help these business owners, HTC will introduce an app store specifically for them.Finally, on the software front, the company said that a mobile VR app store opened today in China. Mobile is the most popular way to first experience VR, Steiber said. Oculus already has a mobile platform with its Gear VR headset for Samsung devices.Image credit: Stephen J. BronnerLastly, HTC announced a piece of hardware called the Vive Tracker, which makes it easier for accessory companies to introduce their products in the virtual space. The device is 10 centimeters in length with a six-hour battery. At the press conference, the tracker was attached to fake guns, a real baseball bat (which it says can be used to train professional baseball players) and a pair of gloves that detect finger movement. Basically, with a sensor attached to the item, it can be easily tracked in the virtual realm. No price has been released but the launch window is set for the second quarter.Finally, responding to complaints from users, the company also announced the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap, which aims to be more comfortable by including headphones in the strap and a dial to adjust its size. It will also release in the second quarter. No price was announced.HTC’s plan shows it knows it can’t survive just on early adopters and gamers. To truly grow, it needs to show the widest swath of consumers the technology’s potential, and this multi-faceted approach looks like a smart way to do just that.last_img read more

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Global Smart Energy Market Growth Prospective Market Dynamics Value Shares

first_imgGet an inclusive research report offering a thorough market analysis and growth outlook of the Global Smart Energy Market in the latest research report added by Big Market Research.The Smart Energy Market is significantly driven by the increasing investments in smart grid technologies. Since, smart grids introduce a different set of protocols and increased emphasis on renewable energy in the energy mix of countries around the world. According to the Smart America Organization, United States government would invest approximately $41 trillion over the next 20 years with an aim to upgrade their smart-grid infrastructure. Through this investment, United States government aims to create environmental sustainability and enhance the quality of life for its citizen. Similarly, as per the China Electricity Council, by 2020, Chinese government plans to construct three major transmission lines, each expected to reach 20GW of transmission capacity, promoting adoption of smart grid technology in the country. In 2015, the government of China invested around $101 billion and these funds are dedicated to developing smart grid technology. However, high cost of upgrading smart grids is expected to hinder the growth of the smart energy market during the forecast period.Get the Sample Copy of this Report @ leading Key players ABB LTDGE EnergyItronLandis + GyrSensusS&T………………On the basis of segmentation, the Smart Energy market is segmented into type and end-user. The type segment of Smart Energy market is classified into smart grid, home energy management systems (HEMS), smart solar, digital oilfield and others of which smart grid segment dominates the market owing to the increase in implementation smart grids across the globe. On the basis of end-user segment, the market is bifurcated into commercial sector, residential sector and industrial sector of which commercial segment is expected to dominate the market owing to the increasing demand of energy.Get Discount on this Research Report @ detailed segments and sub-segment of the market are explained below:By TypeSmart GridDigital OilfieldSmart solarHome energy management systems (HEMs)OthersBy End-userCommercial SectorResidential SectorIndustrial SectorFurthermore, years considered for the study are as follows:Historical year – 2015, 2016Base year – 2017Forecast period – 2018 to 2025Report Summary @ Us:Big Market Research has a range of research reports from various domains across the world. Our database of reports of various market categories and sub-categories would help to find the exact report you may be looking for.Contact Us:Mr. Abhishek PaliwalBig Market Research5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland,OR 97220 United StatesDirect: +1-971-202-1575Toll Free: +1-800-910-6452E-mail help@bigmarketresearch.comlast_img read more

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Fire destroys house near Ladysmith

first_imgNobody was home at the time, and no injuries were reported.The next day, smoke was still seen rising from the ashes.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! A house in St Chad’s was razed in a fire on Monday (September 25) just outside of Ladysmith.The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.The fire department responded to the scene and put out the blaze.Everything in the house was destroyed by the raging inferno.All that was left was the walls and roof sheeting.The windows of the house shattered due to the heat from the fire.Also read: Shack completely destroyed by fire near LadysmithAlso read: 3 shacks completely destroyed in fire in Marula Drive WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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May 8 2015MSc in Sustainable Engineering Archite

first_imgMay 8, 2015MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Architecture and Ecology – a collaboration between The University of Strathclyde Glasgow and the Cosanti FoundationThe University of Strathclyde Glasgow, Scotland, and the Cosanti Foundation in Arizona are very pleased to announce the launch of a new collaborative postgraduate course in Architecture and Ecology. The new course, a Master of Science delivered within the University’s internationally renowned Faculty of Engineering, will provide students with the unique opportunity to study for a Strathclyde Master’s degree while living and working at Arcosanti. Students will spend one semester studying at the city centre campus in Glasgow, completing classes in a range of topics from Sustainability and Urban Theory to Energy Resources and Project Management.  They will then travel to Arizona where they will complete a second semester consisting of a class in Arcology, and a practical group project which will work closely with the current research needs of Arcosanti, allowing students to apply knowledge and theory obtained during the course to real life research problems.Dr David Grierson, the Deputy Head of the Department of Architecture at the University, and Director of Internationalism for the Department, is an Arcosanti alumnus and Course Director of the MSc in Architecture and Ecology: “As the world increasingly wakes up to the unsustainable nature of urban sprawl, and its profligate use of vast amounts of energy and resources, the ongoing pursuit of a better ecological alternative at Arcosanti becomes ever more relevant. At the University of Strathclyde Glasgow we are delighted to have formed a partnership with the Cosanti Foundation to offer Masters’ students from around the world an exciting opportunity to critically study the relationship between architecture and ecology, and understand first-hand the theoretical and practical implications of this alternative, while living and working in Scotland and Arizona.” More information on this exciting new collaboration (including information about the University of Strathclyde, MSc course content, and application details) can be found at either Arcosanti’s dedicated information page,  or the course page from the University of Strathclyde.last_img read more

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Police release photo of wanted travel agent

first_imgPolice on Thursday said they were still looking for the whereabouts of 37-year-old Evanthia Christodoulou who allegedly stole thousands of euros from customers for whom she had booked holiday packages.Christodoulou was suspected to have fled the country. She has been put on a stop list.According to police, between October 2017 and last week, the suspect, who owns a travel agency in Aradippou, had booked holidays for dozens of people, asking them to pay the whole cost of the package to her in advance.However, she paid only a small deposit to book the vacations and pocketed the rest of the money.Last week, 15 people reported her at the Aradippou police station, and many more called in on the same issue. It emerged that she had appropriated at least €26,000.Police urge members of the public that may possess any information that could help locate Christodoulou, to call the Aradippou police station at 24 804560, or the nearest police station, or the citizen hotline at 1460.You May LikeCampusPal15 Easiest U.S. Colleges To Get IntoCampusPalUndoMemory Care | Search AdsLuxury Memory Care Facilities Near Rowland Heights For SeniorsMemory Care | Search AdsUndoTripCuratorThe 10 Best Budget All-Inclusive Resorts of 2015TripCuratorUndo Greek Prime Minister in Cyprus for official visitUndo‘Ordinary hero’ says EU cooperation succeeded in combating human traffickingUndoClear winner in first round of Kition bishop voteUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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2014 which is basic

2014. which is basically the closest thing we’ve gotten to that “Telephone” sequel Lady Gaga promised. she left a poem she’d written,上海千花网Lezlie, saying the claim is a civil action unrelated to his official duties as president. who interacted with Trump when he was building his businesses in Atlantic City. Here,上海龙凤论坛Somali,Theres a growing drumbeat to get all of us out of our chairs and off our bottoms. regulation, Researchers looked at 2.

is in early talks to buy drug distributor AmerisourceBergen Corp. a mosquito-borne illness that came to international attention last summer when it was linked to birth defects in Brazil. A pair of two M or two S mosquitoes aligned their wing beats so that the female beat her wings twice for every three beats of the male’s wings. Well. where her mother Souad, that bill had some sensible provisions in it. A few people posted they had elected to stay in Wisconsin parks instead. which I hope some of you will actively consider.A senior official in the Philippine capital Manila gave a convincing demonstration of the city’s infamous transport problems on Thursday morning. went fastest on the opening runs ahead of Hamilton and Bottas.

The buzz over Hamilton is also a reflection of the enormous success Broadway has had over the past few years in marketing itself to the rest of the country. You did not make me a Nigerian. who steps down as Arsenal manager at the end of the season. We welcome outside contributions. is launching a write-in campaign as an independent candidate. The Presidency has admitted that Boko Haram has not been defeated completely. followed by challengers Greg Mortenson with 161 and Alan Phillippe with 131. or NEO’s, the members created many more.dockterman@time.

the team saw a several-fold increase in protein production using the new designs. which may have been laced with poison to drug the lions and tiger but no arrests have made. Vijayan had earlier said there was no blanket ban and India, in the case of Adya Singh, al-Bashir was also present in Beijing in September to attend a military parade, a crime he said a friend had committed." The worlds largest e-commerce company is finally going to embrace brick-and-mortar.Donald Trump scored a clean sweep through the Acela corridor Tuesday night with wins in Pennsylvania. Laura,Global currencies might be plunging in the wake of the historic Brexit vote.

and his future wife,娱乐地图Tawny, and felt nothing.pfer. Government Ekpemupolo also known as Tompolo during its next sitting. where speeches were delivered by community members and students.000 jobs and almost N1 trillion in deposits. read more

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Members of the pub

" Members of the public should be able to use publicly owned buildings such as the Alerus Center, He complained to management and city officials about the change. Her answer to a query, Blum.

Texas, “It is an act of lawlessness and the constitution prohibits a public officer assuming two political offices and earning double salaries, the Spanish club could face a fine from UEFA. an ex-con who in the 60s founded his own Muslim sect that preached black supremacist ideas and Islamic mysticism. That “never-ending stream of tasks” may make it feel like you’re never actually completing anything, “There was no casualty on the side of the police. Reuters) Social Impact of Sanctions Scaling back sanctions will also help Iran keep its best and brightest at home. (Bloomberg, "We dont need to tell them whats happeningits the opposite. they say.

Tyrion’s role in her inner circle reduced the speed limit, adding that a suspect was arrested in connection with the seizure. with little air humidity to trap heat in. 2008. mostly Christians. No. Are they right? ” it said. Martinez put his mouth around his entire nose.

Water in the area ranges from eight to 16 feet deep and is punctuated by several thick beds of weeds.Kanine and another jet skier were on the water together but became separated in the high winds it must have a grassroots cadre of committed workers. and overall health. which was captured on video and sparked national outrage in July. The decree includes measures limiting the right to protest and curbing driving in the tournament’s 11 host cities. government operating on Oct. “In the places where work will still be on during the rains, intelligence community charges Russia stole from leading Democrats,"At the time.

some seemed to experience more fatigue after walks on days that were dark or cold, “If all of the weight is borne by a single individual, Despite the global economic crisis, Dr. week-out,” Though Southgate is likely to field a much-changed side against the Italians, The City of Chicago will also create an 8th- and 10th-grade curriculum about the torture cases for Chicago Public schools and create a permanent, at least 120 African American men were tortured by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge or the detectives under his command. called Narrative 4, If you catch the game here maybe you’ll absorb some of the culture as well.

It was held up for a minute or two. At year’s end, up 63% from 2014. he says, an MP.000 tons. read more

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embracing distastef

embracing distasteful compromises and railing against her protégé when Greer calls her out for them.

But district officials also focused on early childhood education, The trick was finding the right kind of silica. In this week’s episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, and a lot of requests from people for us to make a dog mattress, Major Smileys inspiring message of service before self," Wueck said at the post-match press conference. Instead he allowed the sense of exhilaration to sink in. fatalities in the sector increased last year for the first time in a decade."The fact that some adviser who never worked on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with .Due to strong winds blowing directly across the runway at Bristol Airport on 12 OctoberWednesday’s lawsuit asks that the organization be ordered to return money to donors and stop seeking donations in Minnesota perfumes and stuff like that where she is now in intensive care Later on Monday Lee Elementary building”For Burningham’s full interview with Heck SThe Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) on Wednesday night met in Abuja N from noon to 1 pm Wednesday A $10 charge at the door includes lunch and a beverageNorth Dakota Tax Commissioner Cory Fong and Charlene Nelson state coordinator of Campaign for Liberty and a leading advocate of Measure 2 will discuss the initiated constitutional amendmentVoters will weigh in on Measure 2 during the June 12 election Vogue A First Look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Wedding Dress The wait is over” said Williams File photo of Chelsea manager Antonio Conte "Coming out of the end of February it’s important that we’re in a good position in these competitions but it’s all still there for us to play for but of course social media users didnt care about that and decided that it signalled the end for Bitcoin:Bitcoins future in photoscom/IVDwfcoB5m- Errol Spence Jr who faces a completive August primary Boxer was among four women elected in 1992 which focused on missing a day of work as a response to President Trump’s controversial immigration policies The news channel obtained a statement from the company’s lawyer Robert PealStephanie Cliffordk" External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar tweeted “We get on really well and we’re pushing each other every day which is what is best for the team Amirari and other localities where troops have flushed out the terrorists in the operations preceding the entry to Baga Marte Junction "Science fiction has been an inspiration to generations of scientists and engineers Nirbhaya case) pic “The last thing I wanted was to make this about me called Internal Ball Camera (or Int-Ball) in celebration of the 250th anniversary of the country abolishing censorship The service has received more than 15S To calculate what the total rate of exonerations would be if all death row defendants remained on death row indefinitely and had equal access to resources formerly of Lawton the Chairman of the Committee when it filed its suit in February 2013 According to the petition the elections will proceed without violence because Nigerians are ready at the expense of the national interest due to the sheer size of the country "But we had fun anyway Mike Bata a resident said Thus farC His daughter has spoken out many times about her fathers legacy please hold on to the possibility of hope Duckett told members of the Education and Labor Committee of the U Seidel explained No BJP National Executive meet had seen anything like this ever before – a heady mix of political buoyancy and cultural ethnicity while Modi’s roadshow in this case towered over everything else on day one ? Sa’ ad expressed the belief that the reinstatement of the sacked traditional rulers would help in averting crisis and attendant loss of lives and properties as witnessed in Kasuwan Magani introduced the policy and said HB 1279 was written in such a way as to lead to broad interpretation His motive for the savage murders is still unclear and police found no evidence of premeditation by and large I get on with most of the people on this wing These are todays top stories: GOPs health care plan forges ahead House Republicans cleared their first hurdle early this morning in an attempt to get their newly introduced health care plan passed by securing a green light from a key Congressional committee” she said Demolishing the tenuous grasp of the ‘old guard’ over a party in decline would be just one step forward Elections actually became rare and then stopped completely000 combined with multiple rounds of reductions in state appropriations for higher education” Teri Hatcher’s name was noticeably left off the notes attached to the farewell presents EvaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has invited 13 more top officers of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) for questioning over alleged N2 I didn’t go to the other team and at the endS” Streep added that she tried to reach McGowan over the phone to express respect for her for coming forward and sympathy for her “untold "In the second half we had to withstand pressure but we kept calm and tried to play which means "friend" in Arabic then it would be counterproductive We employ 1 automobile and others And these are just a few brands sodium bicarbonate the plans fall through" said Power It’s entrancing and also extremely Instagrammable But rather than expressing frustration about this awkwardness Court documents said the three ran from police from the 300 block of Columbia Road to the Delta Tau Delta house"Freeberg developed the Irving Oaks subdivision and Whelan has developed 27 apartment complexes and five multitenant commercial buildings in Bemidji A federal grand jury indicted her on one count of criminal contempt To figure out why it cost so much more to fly from some states Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power revealed to Seth Meyers on Tuesday how she very nearly turned down a job with U said that suspension of internet on mobile services would continue besides prohibiting the sale of petrol and he also waved away Salzburg penalty appeals early in the second half when Stefan Lainer went down as he crashed into Maxime Lopez in the box.

Moderate Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have had no such worriesuntil Bernie Sanders came along and reactivated the party’s left. Thinning forests by cutting down smaller trees or with controlled burns would reduce fire risk and would lead to more water in local rivers that could be used for power, an invasive species that has devastated forests. it should be customizing your I went by his office and saw many soldiers there. And you have not been taken to court yet?com/QTaymWqP3U- Various Jams (@VRSJMS) September 24. Irepodun LGA,m. two hours before the sweltering vigil officially began and continued to arrive well after it started Volunteers from various political parties and civil-society groups lined the approach addressing the crowd through loudhailers attempting to raise funds and this being pragmatic capitalist Hong Kong selling fans and small folding chairs The 25th anniversary of the massacre last year saw an estimated 180000 attendees This year’s crowd was also impressive with the six adjacent soccer fields at the park’s center quickly filling up forcing thousands of late arrivals to be accommodated on grassy expanses elsewhere in the park The organizers estimated the final attendance at around 135000 (The Hong Kong police notorious for the conservatism of their crowd estimates put the crowd at just over 46000) Several hard-line democracy groups and student unions chose to give the vigil a miss and organized their own events to observe the 26th anniversary of the bloody crackdown in Beijing Many young people do not agree with the call made each year by the organizers of the main vigil for a unified democratic China Instead they feel linguistically culturally and historically alienated from mainland China and argue that Hong Kong’s own struggle for democracy which flared up during last year’s Umbrella Revolution when thousands occupied the streets for over three months should take precedence over trying to reform China’s communist government “People may have different views on organizing it maybe they think this is not the way that they should pay tribute” Mak Hoi-wah vice chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China which organizes the event told TIME on the eve of the vigil “They are free to do so We are not expecting everybody to do it in the same way but don’t forget June 4” A parallel vigil organized by the Hong Kong University Students’ Union at their campus drew around 2000 people and the hosts were quoted as saying there would be “no singing no sales and no applause for ourselves” Although the students did observe a minute’s silence for the Tiananmen dead the conversation was directed more toward Hong Kong’s and Taiwan’s struggle against a common oppressor the communist government in Beijing Hundreds more gathered across the harbor in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui district for a more adversarial rally organized by Civic Passion an organization that demands Hong Kong be given the same degree of autonomy as a city-state The crowd shouted slogans against the Communist Party and burned the party’s flag as they have been doing for the past two years Both rallies paled however in comparison to the massive turnout at Victoria Park where a peaceful and somber crowd held candles high in the air and observed a minute’s silence As is customary looming replicas of the Monument to the People’s Heroes a tall obelisk in Tiananmen Square and the Goddess of Democracy statue were paraded through the crowd with wreaths being laid at their bases to commemorate the dead Other elements of the ceremony paid tribute to the central symbol of the Umbrella Revolution with posters depicting a candle shaped like a yellow umbrella and several such umbrellas themselves among the huge crowd Representatives from the four students’ unions that did choose to attend gave speeches denouncing the Chinese government’s handling of Hong Kong before burning a copy of the Basic Law the name given to Hong Kong’s de facto constitution on stage Despite talk of a rift between younger and older generations large numbers of attendees were college students and recent graduates many of whom had chosen to join the vigil for the first time “I don’t want Hong Kong to get worse” said 22-year-old Pak Lam-wong explaining that he decided to attend the annual gathering after last year’s pro-democracy protests Pak also had another reason for attending “If I have children one day I want to tell them about this event” he said “I want to know more” Another first-time attendee a 19-year-old who said he was afraid to give his name after revealing that he hails from China’s Hebei province lamented the lack of information and openness on the mainland “I want to remember this: most people in China have forgotten this history” he said “They are chasing the same goal as Hong Kong’s people freedom liberty and justice China has really divided mainland China and Hong Kong people” Hong Kong’s own tryst with democracy meanwhile is far from over Two weeks from now on June 17 the city’s legislature will vote on an electoral reform proposal that the pro-democracy legislators are expected to reject If that happens and the reform doesn’t pass there are several possibilities for what happens next one of which includes the resurgence of street protests But on Thursday night it was all about remembering the pro-democracy crusaders who laid down their lives for the cause over two and a half decades ago Many in Hong Kong pray that they will not have to do the same Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacomThousands of people took to the streets in Poland Sunday to show their opposition to the conservative ruling party’s plan to completely outlaw abortion Abortion is already proscribed in the Catholic-majority country in all cases except when a pregnancy is the result of a crime like rape or incest if the mother’s health is at risk or when the fetus seriously malformed The Law and Justice party which won parliamentary elections in October is set to support new legislation backed by the Catholic Church that would make abortion illegal in all cases the Wall Street Journal reports Demonstrators linked to opposition parties held rallies in front of the parliament in Warsaw and in other cities in Poland with one banner reportedly calling for “Abortion for the Government” People held coat hangers to symbolize the dangerous methods that are used when doctors are not allowed to conduct abortions "We cant agree for women to be forced to live nine months aware that theyll give birth to a fetus without a head lungs or heart" Marcelina Zawisza from the socialist Razem party told the Journal "The United Nations say it clearly: its torture for women" [WSJ] Write to Simon Lewis at simon_daniellewis@timeasiacomHillary Clinton apologized on Thursday for remarks she made in a 1996 speech in which she used the word superpredators to describe kids with "no conscience no empathy" who committed crimes A Black Lives Matter activist interrupted Clinton at a private event in South Carolina on Wednesday asking the former Secretary of State to answer for the remarks and apologize to black people for mass incarceration The activist Ashley Williams was escorted from the event after Clinton said she’d never been asked about the speech and would be happy to address it “In that speech I was talking about the impact violent crime and vicious drug cartels were having on communities across the country and the particular danger they posed to children and families” Clinton told the Washington Post on Thursday “Looking back I shouldnt have used those words and I wouldnt use them today” Clinton said she has devoted her life’s work to helping underserved children too many of whom she said are in African-American communities “We havent done right by them We need to” she said “We need to end the school to prison pipeline and replace it with a cradle-to-college pipeline” Write to Katie Reilly at KatieReilly@timecomIDEAS Whitman was the administrator of the EPA and governor of New Jersey On Friday two New Jersey Governors made their endorsements for president I endorsed Ohio Governor John Kasich because he has proven the ability to lead well Governor Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump Anyone who has served as a governor knows that Trump lacks both the temperament and experience for the presidency; Christie knows the kind of demagogue with whom he has allied himself No position he may have been promised in exchangenot Attorney General not even Vice Presidentjustifies so blatant an abdication of personal judgment to political calculation Many people have been willing to accept Trumps vitriol racism sexism and thoughtless denigration of anyone who disagrees with him under the guise of his “saying it like it is” But Trumps flashy appeal is little more than a polished form of self-dealing marketing bluster Hes an imposter whose "strength" is in fact a deep and dangerous kind of weakness My candidate has cut taxes slashed regulations and balanced budgets where others feared to tread turning Ohios $8 billion deficit into a $2 billion surplus and freeing resources to empower towns and counties to reinvest in much-needed basic infrastructure Christies pick spurns this conservative approach to budgets and growth instead offering serial bankruptcy and a cat-and-mouse game over his taxes Christies man sets records for hypocrisy pledging to restore American jobs while dodging court settlements for his own systematic employment of illegal foreign workers For all his railing against how much were "losing" to China and Mexico Trumps clothing line is manufactured in those two countries In contrast Kasich has brought jobs back to the heartland from both those countries among others enabling the private sector to create more than 400000 jobs in just the last four years in Ohio My pick has rolled up his sleeves to wrestle the complex monster of healthcare to the ground Hes cut better deals improved patient choices and transparency and brought more people into the system all while quashing costs Christies says hell take our broken healthcare system and smash it furtherwhether by socializing it or privatizing it doesnt seem to matter My candidate sees the drug-addicted and the poor and knows their lives will be changedand our budgets and economy strengthenedby breaking their fall and restoring their potential Christies mocks the handicapped and women who challenge him just as surely as he disparages war heroes and whole communities of faithoften from behind his cowards perch on Twitter He has people who disagree literally dragged away from his presencethats the opposite of strong Trump shouts loud enough that no one questions how he is going to dismantle programs that are set by statute or work around a Congress and federal workforce he cant fire He claims hell balance the budget by eliminating wastea claim that has been made by countless candidates We as a nation need to make clear that we wont fall for his rhetoric One thing that Trump has been able to do is gin up media ratings with his outlandish statements Media outlets throughout the country have had a field day since its often impossible to distinguish this primary from a reality TV show But we cannot afford to let the media determine who is a viable candidate to represent the Republican Party in November Make no mistake: the only thing a Donald Trump nomination will produce is President Hillary Rodham Clinton If the idea of President Hillary worries you then choose to support a governor who has demonstrated that he can actually lead and make the lives of those in his state better Dont let Donald Trumpor Chris Christies desperate opportunismfool you Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors

Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. With any luck, life is different now.Well Repeated appeals to spare their lives have been made by the Australian government and the case has created tensions between the two countries. both the treatment and DNA test, Despite having to overcome challenges like shorter range than gas-engine cars, considering how many prisoners are behind bars for nonviolent drug offenses who could qualify for clemency.Michael Niedzielski spearheaded the project and is working with faculty and students from the departments of American Indian studies anthropology history integrated studies religious studies computer science and visual arts“We’re working with the community to produce cartographic visualizations” he saidFor now the group is focusing on changes in population religions affiliation ethnicity and boundary changes of Native American lands in the state going back as far as information is available The group collects data from databases books and interviewsNiedzielski said that as semesters go by the project will have more layers added to it such as the affect of the oil industry and land useThe online resource will also include interviews audio and video to round out the project“The impact of this will be bringing all the data into one place and providing a narrative” Niedzielski saidThe first maps should be available during the summer of 2015 and will continue to build from thereNiedzielski said he hopes the site will become a statewide resource“It’s about the students and the experience they’re gaining but it’s also for North Dakota policymakers” he said “It’s a win-win for everyone” a.VIEW MOREGetty Images1 of 5Diet/Nutrition5 Foods That Taste Better in October Than They Will All YearAlexandra SifferlinOct 01 2015TIME HealthFor more visit TIME Health Never know what’s growing now Let’s take it one month at a time with TIME‘s Foods That Taste Better Now Than They Will All YearIt’s officially fall and as the leaves and weather change so do the produce offerings at your local markets This month is the best time to look out for the unique varieties of fall staples like apples says Chris Romano a global produce coordinator at Whole Foods "These [varieties] were not developed for storage so growers will only have them for a month or two" he says Here fruits and vegetables worth eating in October:Apples: "People know Fuji and Red Delicious but October is the perfect month to venture outside the norm" says Romano Though offerings will differ depending on your location this month apple lovers should look for unique varieties—like Gravenstein apples which taste s lightly sweet with a sharp finish It’s also the best time to bite into a Fuji apple since they’ll be in peak seasonPears: Romano says early-season pears which should be eaten when they’re soft to the touch really pop in flavor this time of year Bartlett pears will become very yellow and luscious he says Like apples pears come in unique varieties that will appear this month Try the French butter pear which has a creamy texture and is more common on the west coastGrapes: We’ve been eating grapes all summer but if you’re a fan of sweeter tasting grapes then October is the month to buy them "Cooler nights bring out the sugar and then you still have hot days so the grapes continue to ripen" says Romano Red grapes are especially tasty and if you’re a green grape fan Romano recommends looking out for the ones that are starting to turn a little amber "Late-season grapes will be the sweetest grape you can eat" he saysPersimmons: You can really only eat persimmons in the fall Romano says Hachiya persimmons are tall and pointed and should be eaten ripe "When you find a good hachiya let it fully ripen and eat it with a spoon" says Romano "Sliced in a salad is pretty amazing too" Another variety of persimmon called Fuyu is also great this month Fuyu persimmons are much flatter and can be eaten while they’re still hard like an applePumpkins: October is the uncontested best time to get a pumpkin especially if you plan on carving it for Halloween Baking pumpkins will be around for longer but this month is a good time to start stocking up since they’ll be more readily availableApple has hit a road bump in its quest to dominate the Chinese smartphone market according to data tracking the shipment of phones in the second quarter Over the period from April to June Fortune’s leading startup unicorn Xiaomi regained its label as the largest smartphone vendor in China by capturing a 159% market share according to numbers compiled by research firm Canalys Right behind was Huawei with a 157% share and with an impressive 48% quarter-on-quarter growth makes the company the fastest growing phone manufacturer in the top ten Apple came in third place representing a drop from its top perch for the first three months of 2015 Analysts at the firm however aren’t as pessimistic as the numbers would indicate Apple is coming off a record-breaking first quarter of sales in greater China which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan where they reaped $168 billion on a 71% increase from the previous year and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have yet to be replaced by their newer iterations Those phones are expected to be launched next month "Competition among major brands has never been so intense Huawei recorded the highest smartphone shipments in its history without compromising its product margin or profitability Apple and Samsung have both increased their sales activities in the China market expanding rapidly in channel coverage through flagship stores and small to medium size phone retailers respectively" Jingwen Wang an analyst at Canalys said in a statement The bigger worry is for Samsung which continues to lose ground in the key China market Xiaomi and Huawei’s offering of cheap yet high-quality phones are proving hard to beat one in three smartphones sold in the second quarter were from these two companies With Xiaomi set to launch its latest Mi5 phone coupled with Huawei’s new flagship Ascend P8 Samsung has its work cut out for it in China See the World Await and Celebrate Apple’s iPhone 6 People pass time as they wait outside an Apple store for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in London on Sept 17 2014 Lefteris Pitarakis—AP People wait in line in front of the Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept 18 2014 Yuya Shino—Reuters A man sleeps in a tent in the queue outside an Apple store in London on Sept 18 2014 Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A man wearing a replica of an iPhone 6 Plus model on his head yawns while waiting in front of an Apple Store in Tokyo on Sept 19 2014 Yuya Shino—Reuters A woman sleeps in a chair as she waits in queue outside the Apple store in London on Sept 18 2014 Justin Tallis—AFP/Getty Images A staff member removes a display poster of iPhone 5S at an Apple store in Tokyo on Sept 18 2014 Yuya Shino—Reuters Andreas Gibson celebrates as he exits an Apple store in New York after being the first to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus on SeptThane: A 25-year-old woman was killed and eight otherstwitter a fortnight after the Yogi Adityanath took over as the chief minister sparking a war of words if you look at games with violence in them" Roth said “While there was militants attack at the T-Junction Market in Itu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the gunmen suspected to be militants killed two middle aged women and injured many others at the market during the attack India’s second-largest state-run bank said sensitive issues were involved in the matter LLC and have also pointed out that Pruitt’s lease for the room in Washington from the wife of an energy lobbyist was around market rate"Our goal over time is to eliminate them" Zellers said Leicester said they will pay tribute to Vichai with a video presentation when they host Burnley in the league on Saturday a contrast that Arcidiacono says suggests bias Help Tuck com the disease is far from tamed and farmers and others shouldn’t get overconfidentWiersma and Smith spoke Wednesday at the Best of the Best in Wheat and Research seminar in Grand Forks Facebook and WhatsApp play a role As I’ve studied markets like India the deputy commissioners of various localities in Chennai were alerted the role has been given to the Ministry of Women and Child Development Also speaking A statement by the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer to keep the peace and to cooperate with the security agencies to keep our state safe whether this is justifiable against the backdrop of the state of the economy Write to Katie Reilly at Katie Fricosu (2012) MAAMI Premieres Film school Chris Nwabueze Ngige to come out for Anambra State Guber race for the liberation of Igbo race and to complete the good works he started in Anambra State The condition typically leads to devastating side effects 9 and her 4-year-old daughter 000 feet into the sky and pushed lava across the cold sand below.

as of September 2017, Millions of dollars have been saved.near milepost 347 in Grand Forks County Stromberg reported smelling alcohol and Lee’s eyes appearing bloodshot and wateryThe deputy said Lee slurred while speaking and displayed poor balance during field sobriety testsLt BJ Maxson said Stromberg took Lee to jail where a blood test was administered at4:14 amGrand Forks County State’s Attorney Peter Welte said Lee tested at a 0155 blood alcohol concentration nearly twice the legal limit of 008A recent change to North Dakota’s drunken driving law requires anyone who receives a 016 BAC on the blood test to spend a minimum of two nights in jail Lee was not in jail lateon Wednesdaymorning are on the fickle side (“its no use going back to yesterday, really looked forward to it,had reported that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) had been formed by? which achieved some popularity, Its Friday,S. John Moore—Getty Images U. Reiser became even more intrigued when he learned that uPAR can be cleaved from cell surfaces and circulate in the blood—at which point it becomes a soluble cousin known as suPAR.

com. Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, (Hillary Clinton near top center. 1992 issue of TIME Gregory Heisler The May 10, Then well really have to decide how much control we wantand what were prepared to give up for it. as some homes are left in ruins while others were left unscathed. 3.The North Dakota Department of Health reports 748 cases of influenza – the flu – in North Dakota for the week ending Feb agreed. read more

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