EU President Wants Morocco to Become Reception Hub for Refugees

Rabat – In the midst of the growing refugee crisis, European Union President Donald Tusk urged member states on Thursday to increase assistance to Morocco and other partners in the region and help them build reception centers for refugees seeking to reach Europe. Speaking at a press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Tusk called on EU states to provide more help to countries bordering or close to conflict areas, including Morocco, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon in ensuring protection to those who are in danger.Need to help build reception centres closer to conflict areas & increase assistance to 3rd countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco.— Donald Tusk (@eucopresident) 3 Septembre 2015The leader of the European Union also highlighted the need to build reception centers in these countries where asylum requests will be handled before reaching the European Union. According to Tusk, the aid for countries outside the EU and the humanitarian efforts to contain migratory flows means that much more money will be needed. “Therefore leaders will need to decide on this as well when we meet in October,” Tusk said.Tusk also urged EU countries to accept at least 100,000 refugees in a bid to cope with the influx of refugees fleeing war and persecution to Europe.“Accepting more refugees is an important gesture of real solidarity. Fair distribution of at least 100,000 refugees among the EU states is what in fact we need today,” he said.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more

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UN arms inspectors continue preparations for work inside Iraq report

In his periodic report to the Security Council, Hans Blix, the Executive Chairman of the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), writes that the Commission “continues to see to attain a high state of readiness for the start of work in Iraq.” Mr. Blix reports that at a recent closed meeting of the UNMOVIC College of Commissioners he told the group that “once inspections in Iraq became possible, UNMOVIC would be ready to commence operations without delay.” During their discussions, commissioners expressed the view that the events of 11 September had “brought a new urgency” to international efforts to prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, according to the report. Noting that UNMOVIC’s preparatory work includes analysis of satellite images that are used to create line diagrams of sites for inspection purposes, Mr. Blix expresses hope that Member States will continue to provide UNMOVIC with satellite imagery “as such assistance to date has proven very valuable.” Experts from UNMOVIC are also analyzing “open-source” information – newspapers, academic journals and other published material, as well as television and radio broadcasts – on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction capabilities.In another development, the Security Council panel monitoring the sanctions against Iraq – known as the 661 committee for the resolution which established it – met behind closed doors this afternoon in New York to discuss a range of issues, including the tanker TT Essex which was involved in a case of smuggling Iraqi oil.Also today, a UN spokesman announced that Baghdad and the United Nations had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the current phase of the oil-for-food programme. Last week, the Security Council approved a 180-day extension of the scheme, which allows Iraq to use a portion of its petroleum revenues to purchase humanitarian relief. read more

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Canada making progress with US in effort to join new TPP trade

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Canada making progress with U.S. in effort to join new TPP trade bloc: Fast OTTAWA – Canada is making progress in convincing the United States that it should be allowed to join an ambitious new trans-Pacific trade bloc, federal Trade Minister Ed Fast said Thursday.Washington is believed to be one of the key impediments to Ottawa’s efforts to join the nine-member Trans-Pacific Partnership, largely because it also wants to protect dairy, egg and poultry farmers in Quebec and Ontario from outside competition.But the minister, who was attending the inaugural trade ministers meeting of the G20 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on Thursday, said he has been working on his U.S. counterpart to sort out their differences.“In my meetings with Ambassador Ron Kirk, each meeting has been productive,” he said in a telephone interview.“We believe we are making significant progress in impressing upon the United States that Canada will be an ambitious negotiating partner, that we will be a very valuable asset at the negotiating table,” he said.“We’ve also impressed upon the Americans that Canada and the U.S. should be walking together as partners as we open up new opportunities within the Asian economies. We have highly-integrated economies, supply chains and we should be doing this in partnership.”Fast said Canada’s protectionist supply management system should not be an impediment because Canada has agreed to put it on the table in talks, as it has done in other negotiations.That does not mean Canada would necessarily negotiate the system out of existence, however.“Since the late 1980s, we’ve negotiated agreements with 14 countries, (and) in each case we have been successful in addressing the issue of supply management and that has not prevented us from actually completing free trade negotiations,” he pointed out.The goal is to get a deal that benefits the country overall, he said, which suggests Canada may be willing to remove some of the barriers to imports in dairy, eggs and poultry if the price is right.Fast will also be talking to New Zealand’s trade minister, another critic of supply management, at the G20 meetings which end Friday.No major announcements are expected from the talks, the first time trade ministers from the Group of 20 countries have formally met. But Fast said he hopes the summit will result in a consensus that protectionism is “toxic” in the modern global economy.“Most of the world economies injected significant stimulus to emerge from the economic crisis,” he said. “The new stimulus now is deeper, freer and more open trade.”Fast said Canada has walked the walk on trade by actually lowering and removing tariffs worth about $435 million annually even as the country was struggling through recession and the aftermath.“That’s one of the reasons Canada leads the G7 in terms of economic fundamentals,” he said.The minister said Canada will continue to pursue an aggressive trade agenda as the a key pillar for future economic growth.A new forecast from the federal trade agency Thursday pointed to trade as a driver of near-term economic growth in Canada now that record household debt is restraining the domestic economy.Export Development Canada predicts exports will rise 7.1 per cent this year and 7.3 per cent in 2013, contributing about one half of economic growth.That’s somewhat at odds with Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney, who has lamented exporters’ near-sighted dependence on safe markets like the U.S. and believes net trade will be a minimal contributor to growth.But EDC chief economist Peter Hall defends his projections.“Our outlook on exports is stronger, but our outlook on imports is definitely dimmer than the Bank of Canada’s,” he said.“There are a number of reasons we’re bullish on exports. U.S. growth is very strong at the moment and we believe Canadians will be capitalizing on that,” Hall said.“And in emerging markets, we’ve been growing like gangbusters. Their thirst for commodities is driving that, but we’re also doing substantial high value-added trade.”Hall believes the bank governor is also too pessimistic on Canada’s record in cracking fast-growing emerging markets such as China and Brazil.“Back in 2000, emerging market trade as a share of total merchandise exports was only four per cent. Now it’s 11. And if (the trend continues), by the time we get to 2020, it’s going to be just under a quarter and by 2025, it’s going to be close to a third,” he said.Fast said his government is focusing on emerging markets in its trade agenda.Besides its interest in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Ottawa recently launched free trade talks with India and Japan and exploratory talks with China as well as South America’s Mercosur trade bloc, which includes Brazil. by Julian Beltrame, The Canadian Press Posted Apr 19, 2012 5:40 pm MDT read more

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Access to legal abortion services needed to prevent 47000 women dying each

“Unsafe abortions cause the deaths of some 47,000 women each year and a further five million suffer some form of temporary or permanent disability,” said the UN Human Rights Council Working group, on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice. The group highlighted that the ability for a woman or girl to make her own decisions about pregnancy “is at the very core of [her] fundamental right to equality, privacy and physical and mental integrity and is a precondition for the enjoyment of other rights and freedoms”.Currently, an estimated 225 million women worldwide are deprived of access to modern contraception, often leading to unplanned pregnancies. For girls, issues arising from pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most common causes of death in developing countries. Girls under the age of 15 are five times more at risk.“Legal frameworks for abortion have typically been designed to control women’s decision-making through the use of criminal law,” the experts said.Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) demonstrates that criminalising the termination of pregnancy does not reduce the number of women who resort to abortion procedures. Rather, it is likely to increase the number who end up have unsafe “back street” procedures.In addition, “too many women are physically and verbally mistreated or simply denied emergency medical care after abortions”, which the experts said, “amounts to another means of punishment which violates international law and, in many instances, national laws and policies”.“Governments have a duty to ensure that women and girls who have abortions are treated humanely and without judgement or assumption of violating laws, in particular in cases of miscarriages,” they stressed.The experts added that they hoped that “important steps” already taken in some countries to “reclaim women’s reproductive rights through referendums, legislative and judicial action” can be followed by others.They called for “concerns about unsafe abortion” to be addressed through public health, relevant medical malpractice and civil law.“It is therefore crucial that countries demonstrate their commitment to eliminating discrimination against women in their legislation and to advancing women’s and adolescents’ sexual and reproductive rights, in accordance with international human rights standards.” read more

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Albert Pujols Mashed His Way To 3000 Hits

One of baseball’s most prestigious groups has a new member: Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols joined the 3,000-hit club Friday with a single in the 5th inning of L.A.’s game against the Seattle Mariners. Pujols was a future Hall of Famer regardless of his club membership, of course, but the achievement helps bring into focus just how incredible a hitter he has been over his nearly two-decade-long career.Including the brand-new entry, 32 batters have broken the 3,000-hit barrier, from Cap Anson in 1897 (maybe?) to Pujols 121 years later. Of those 32, only the scandal-ridden1e.g., Pete Rose and Rafael Palmeiro. aren’t either honored in Cooperstown already or bound for the Hall when eligible. But even among that group of baseball’s best-ever hitters, Pujols stands out. While many members of the 3,000-hit club (such as the recently quasi-retired Ichiro Suzuki) secured their memberships by rapping out single after single, Pujols did it with power and patience. He’s tied with Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez for the highest isolated slugging percentage (a stat that measures raw power) of any 3,000-hit-club member, and he has the club’s very best career ratio of extra-base hits plus walks to singles:To be sure, others in this club mastered the art of waiting for the right pitch and crushing it. Willie Mays, for example, had almost as many extra-base hits plus walks per single (1.42) as Pujols does (1.45). But it’s still pretty uncommon, and Pujols is perhaps the greatest practitioner of the style among 3,000-hit-club members. It’s hard to get 3,000 hits against major-league pitching at all, much less to do it while also swinging for the fences.Perhaps this partially explains why Pujols hasn’t aged as well as other hitters; heck, one outlet went so far as to call him the worst player in baseball last year. (Oh wait, that was us.) A base-hit maestro like Tony Gwynn or Craig Biggio might naturally fare better as the baseball odometer ticks up. But despite a steep slowdown in production, Pujols still made it into the 3,000-hit club — a milestone other hitters with power and patience never reached (think Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Mike Schmidt or even Babe Ruth). It’s a testament to the 21st century’s most fearsome hitter. read more

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No excuse for Buckeyes defensive line

The Ohio State defensive line boasts a preseason All-American, a projected first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and multiple players that were five-star prospects coming out of high school. The unit many claim to be one of the best in the country at its craft hasn’t lived up to expectations thus far this season, though. Through two games against Miami (Ohio) and Central Florida, the stat line for the Buckeyes’ front four reads: three sacks and five tackles for loss. In other words, not the production first-year coach Urban Meyer expected out of his pass rushers. Not even close, really, Meyer said. “The negative I see right now is I don’t see the quarterback getting hit. And that’s something that has to be addressed,” Meyer said after Saturday’s 31-16 win against UCF. The talent on the defensive line is evident in practice, but those skills have not been translating into performance on gameday. “I feel like when we get to the game, we forget about all our moves and everything. I don’t know, we’re just not living up to our potential,” said freshman defensive end Noah Spence, a top-10 player from the 2012 recruiting class. After a lackluster outing in the Sept. 1 season opener against Miami (Ohio) in which the Buckeyes’ front four recorded only two sacks, Hankins and Simon vowed that they, along with their teammates, would be better. That wasn’t the case, though. OSU’s defensive front was worse against the Knights than it was against the RedHawks, at least statistically. On Saturday, sophomore defensive end Steve Miller was the lone Buckeye to record a sack after two players got to the quarterback Sept. 1. The absence of hits on opposing team’s quarterbacks has not just disappointed Meyer; it’s been somewhat of a shock to the players. “I’m a little surprised. We just have to keep working hard and keep getting better every week and start trying to put a little more pressure on the quarterback,” Spence said. Rushing the passer has been something OSU has been stressing in practice, and Tommy Schutt, a freshman defensive tackle out of Illinois, said the Buckeyes might have to be more creative with their schemes. “I think just different ways to get to the quarterback. Different rushes, different blitzes, different techniques and some moves,” Schutt said. The quarterback can’t be hit if the pass rushers don’t have enough time to get him, though, and that’s been the case for OSU’s defensive line in the majority of their games so far. Miami used a three-step drop most of the time in their game against the Buckeyes, and UCF, for the most part, followed suit, irritating OSU players. “It’s very frustrating because you prepare to get off the ball and get to the quarterback, and all of a sudden you get there and the ball is already gone,” said freshman Adolphus Washington, a highly recruited defensive end from Cincinnati. Spence echoed his teammate. “It’s real frustrating. You work so hard on the line and everything like that, and for him to drop back three steps or whatever and just throw it immediately … but it’s no excuse for what we’re doing right now. We need to get better,” Spence said. While the quick passes annoyed OSU defensive linemen, the Buckeyes’ front four also recognized the respect Miami and UCF showed them. Many players also said it’s something they expect to continue for the rest of the year, too. “So far, that’s what it’s really looking like. The good thing for us is it shows the respect they have for our defensive line,” Schutt said. Washington agreed with Schutt, but said that eventually, OSU’s talent on the defensive line is going to shine. When that does happen, Washington said Meyer and the rest of Buckeye Nation will see opposing team’s quarterbacks on the ground, a lot. “If they hold that ball too long, then we’re there, without a doubt, we’re there,” Washington said. read more

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Ohio State footballs Etienne Sabino set to return to lineup start at

While his name is not present on Ohio State football’s official depth chart this week, a familiar face is slated to make his return against Wisconsin on Saturday. Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer said redshirt senior linebacker Etienne Sabino will strap on his pads when OSU makes the trip to Madison, Wis. to play Wisconsin this Saturday, after missing the last four games because of a broken right fibula. “Yeah, I can’t tell you what percent (health) he’s at, but he’s in the starting lineup for the game,” Meyer said. Sabino, who suffered the fracture during the Oct. 6 Nebraska game, needed surgery to fix the damage. In six games before the injury, Sabino recorded 37 total tackles, two sacks, one interception and one forced fumble. Even though he has been out since the first quarter of the contest against the Cornhuskers, missing the last four games, he is tied for the seventh-most total tackles on the team. Senior defensive end John Simon said Sabino’s play in practice hasn’t changed since the injury. “He looks great, you can’t even tell there was ever an injury,” Simon said. When Sabino went out, the defense’s productivity decreased, specifically in scoring defense. In the first six games of the season, OSU’s defense gave up an average of 20.5 points per game. Since Sabino’s injury, however, it has allowed an average of 29 points per game, including the 49 points Indiana scored in Sabino’s first contest out on Oct. 13. Although the first four games were against non-conference opponents perceived to be inferior to Big Ten opponents, the loss of the Miami, Fla., native forced the Buckeyes to pull senior Zach Boren, who once started at fullback, to help fill the void Sabino’s absence left. During an Oct. 15 press conference, Meyer called Boren’s switch from offense to defense “temporarily permanent.” Evem with Sabino’s return, the change is looking more permanent now that Boren was also announced a starter for the upcoming game. “The three that broke the starting lineup today, on Monday, is (sophomore Ryan) Shazier, Zach Boren and Sabino,” Meyer said Monday. As a starting linebacker, Boren has collected 29 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss. Against Indiana, Boren was the leading tackler for the Buckeye defense. “He’s been a stabling force for our defense,” Meyer said. “One of the most undervalued characteristics of a football team is leadership, and that’s what No. 44 (Boren) gives you.” For the first time this season, Boren, Sabino and Shazier will play together on defense. Boren said he is excited to play with Sabino, but the three are trying to get used to playing as a unit. “I definitely think Ryan’s and my play has elevated because of what Sabino brings to the table,” Boren said. Junior defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins said he believes Sabino brings the same leadership intangible. “He’s one of our key guys that is at the linebacker position. He’s the leader of the defense, so it’s good to have him back,” Hankins said. “I feel like he is going to be at full force and he is going to be ready.” read more

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Raw Materials Group sees 2010 as another year of volatile metal prices

first_imgIn its annual full-year forecast for 2010, the Swedish research organisation, Raw Materials Group (RMG), says that the metal price bottom for this period of economic downturn was passed early in 2009 and, for 2010, the company forecasts another year of volatile metal prices with a mean price below the current day level for most metals. It says a falling market has been replaced by a market with physical demand and likely strong speculation over prices.Entirely in line with last year’s RMG forecast, all metals except gold fell during 2009 compared with 2008. “The two dominant factors which led metal prices to show a strong upturn from the bottom levels of 2009 are the strong physical demand from China and Asia combined with speculative driving forces from financial players. As the end consumption rate remains relatively low in relation to the period before the financial crisis, a situation has arisen where stockpiling and price rises are taking place simultaneously for most metals.“Taking copper as a representative example of this trend, the upturn has resulted in prices increasing from $2,907/t during the first week of 2009 to $6,927/t during the last week of the year. At the same time, stockpiling in Shanghai increased five-fold during the year. This situation is unsustainable in the long-term and RMG therefore expects a price correction during the first half of 2010.RMG sees challenges for the mining industry in the near term though. “The substantial production cutbacks implemented by the mines in late 2008 and early 2009 as regards nickel, zinc and iron ore in particular has been replaced by the start-up of closed capacity. A challenge for the mining industry heading into 2010 is the fact that these start-ups have to some extent been incentivised by high metal prices rather than strong physical demand.“In the longer term, 2011 and 2012, the high level of activity in the mining industry is likely to continue. The key factors behind this are the fundamental situation with strong demand from the developing economies combined with an already challenging situation in creating new capacity at the mining stage. It will become increasingly difficult, partly because of financing problems in the wake of the financial crisis, in keeping up with demand for metals, suggesting that further price increases for metals are likely.”On iron ore: “the continuing strong position of the three dominant iron ore companies suggests that the steel companies will find it difficult to negotiate reductions in the price of iron ore in spite of the overproduction that is taking place. The lower freight prices also mean that domestic iron ore production in China will be unfavourable compared with imports from Brazil and Australia. The Chinese production is also taking place at ever-lower concentrations, which also suggests that ore imports are likely to increase and that the high price of iron ore will probably continue.”On gold: “[it] has risen in recent years, but the three key price-driving factors are now history: the fall of the dollar looks to be over for now, the move to more secure investments during the financial crisis has come to a halt as a result of the return of risk appetite and the falling output of mines in 2009 has been reversed for the first year since 2001. However, the accelerating interest of China and India in investments and the haunting spectre of inflation following the government’s stimulation package are factors which could result in the price of gold remaining high.”The base metals “will probably see a price correction from the current prices during the first half of 2010. Closed mine capacity has been restarted following the price upturn during 2009 and stocks are growing as demand still has some way to go before it reaches 2006-2008 levels. On a full-year basis, however, base metals will stabilise at a level 10-20% higher during 2010 than the average for 2009, although this represents a slight downturn from the current day prices.”Then, moving to steel: [these] companies were amongst the first to reduce production during the economic downturn, yet steel prices still fell by 50-60% between 2008 and 2009. During 2010, the strong pressure on steel prices will continue as China constantly expands its capacity and the European and American steelworks continue to operate with low capacity utilisation.”last_img read more

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Mozilla Fennec enfin disponible

first_imgMozilla : Fennec enfin disponibleÉtats-Unis – La version pré-alpha de Fennec, le navigateur de Mozilla dédié aux mobiles Android, est disponible depuis hier au téléchargement.Ce n’est pas la version définitive mais l’aperçu du navigateur fait déjà des heureux. En effet, comme l’explique le développeur Vladimir Vukicevic, cette version pré-alpha disponible au téléchargement pour la plateforme Android “est encore loin de la version finale.”Fennec fait malgré tout une très bonne première impression auprès des développeurs qui l’ont testé et approuvé, notamment sur les smartphones Motorola et le Nexus One de Google. Cette version pré-alpha nécessite au moins Android 2.0 pour fonctionner. Elle doit être intégrée à la mémoire interne du mobile, et non installé sur carte mémoire.Vladimir Vukicevic, son concepteur, indique sur son blog qu’un groupe de discussion a été mis en place afin de recueillir les impressions des premiers utilisateurs.Le 29 avril 2010 à 13:02 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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LG larivée de lOptimus 4X HD est imminente

first_imgLG : l’arivée de l’Optimus 4X HD est imminenteComme promis, LG s’apprête à livrer en Europe son Optimus 4X HD, un smartphone haut de gamme. Présenté lors du Mobile World Congress (MWC) en début d’année, ce terminal Android affiche un écran de 4,7 pouces.Dévoilé lors du MWC de Barcelone, le smartphone LG Optimus 4X HD s’apprête à faire son entrée sur le marché européen, comme l’avait annoncé le constructeur le mois dernier. La firme sud-coréenne n’a pas encore précisé la date exacte de sortie du terminal, se contentant d’annoncer qu’il serait lancé simultanément dans onze pays européens au cours du mois de juin.À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Une chose est sûre en revanche, c’est que l’Optimus 4X HD ne manque pas d’atouts pour plaire. Equipé d’une puce Tegra 3 quadruple coeur cadencée à 1,5 GHz, il affiche un écran de 4,7 pouces d’une résolution de 1.280 x 720 pixels et permettant de lire des vidéos en 720p. Doté de 1 Go de mémoire vive et 16 Go de stockage extensible à 64 Go, il offre un capteur photo 8 mégapixels et une webcam 1,3 mégapixels. Sa batterie, elle, sera de 2 150 mAh.En plus de ses performances, le smartphone séduira aussi par sa finesse. Il affiche en effet une épaisseur de seulement 8.9 millimètres.Reste seulement à connaître le prix de ce terminal présenté comme le digne concurrent du Samsung Galaxy S3 et de l’HTC One X.Le 12 juin 2012 à 11:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Geek Deals 6Core Gaming Desktop for 800 Business Class ASUS Laptop under

first_imgIf your current gaming PC is starting to feel old, now’s a good time to invest in a brand new rig. You can pick up a six-core CyberPower Gamer Xtreme tower with a Radeon RX580 graphics card for just $799. And our sister site TechBargains has rounded up up tons of other great deals on gadgets of all kinds.Featured DealsCyberPower Gamer Xtreme Intel Core i5-8400 6-Core Gaming Desktop with AMD Radeon RX580 4GB GPU for $799 at Amazon.ASUS VivoBook F510UA Intel Core i5-8250U Kaby Lake 15-inch 1080p Laptop (0.8-inch Thin, 3.7lb) for $479 at Amazon (List price: $599).Dell S2318NX 23-inch 1080p IPS Ultra-thin Monitor and $75 Dell Gift Card for $129.99 at Dell (List price: $209.99).Dell S2418NX 24-inch 1080p HDR IPS InifinityEdge Monitor and $50 Dell Gift Card for $149.99 at Dell (List price: $259.99).LG RB22MD4KA-B 22-inch HD 4K Ultra Fine LED Monitor (Refurb) for $199.99 at Amazon (List price: $439.95).ASUS Turbo GTX 1080 8GB Video Card for $542.07 after $20 rebate at Walmart (List price: $562.07).Free Google Home Mini on orders $150+: Add Google Home Mini to Cart and apply Coupon Code: “PFREEMINI” at eBay.Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm) for $149 at Walmart (List price: $249).Netgear Orbi AC2200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (up to 3500 Sq. 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Is a Trip to Mars Worth Lifelong Digestive Issues

first_imgStay on target Scientists Discover Possible Interstellar VisitorWater Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ Planet After 60 years of space exploration, scientists are only beginning to understand how cosmic travel affects the human body.And we’ve barely left Earth’s orbit.Imagine the implications of living on the Moon or mining on Mars.A new study from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) raised red flags about the health of astronauts during long voyages—specifically those planned for the Red Planet and beyond.Published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, the report suggests that deep-space bombardment by galactic cosmic radiation could “significantly” damage gastrointestinal tissue. It also raises concerns about the high risk of tumor development in the stomach and colon.Heavy ions—like the silicon and iron in the Martian crust (oxidation of iron dust is what gives the surface its reddish hue)—are highly damaging due to their greater mass, compared with no-mass photons from X-rays and gamma rays.“With the current shielding technology, it is difficult to protect astronauts from the adverse effects of heavy ion radiation,” according to senior investigator Kamal Datta, an associate professor and project leader of the NASA Specialized Center of Research at GUMC.Effects like a faulty GI tract, the all-important organ that collects and digests food, extracts and absorbs energy and nutrients, and expels waste. Its top layer of cells is replaced every three to five days.“Any disturbance of this replacement mechanism leads to malfunctioning of physiologic processes,” co-author Albert Fornace Jr. explained, “and starts pathologic processes such as cancer.”The good news is, there may be a way to use medicine to counter these effects. The bad new: No such agent has been developed yet.To investigate further, the GUMC team used mouse intestines as a model system, exposing the animals to a low dose of iron radiation over the equivalent of a months-long period in deep space.Researchers then compared the critters that received heavy ions with those exposed to gamma rays, as well as an unexposed control group.Sadly, the intestinal cells in the heavy ion group did not adequately absorb nutrients and instead formed cancerous polyps.“While short trips, like the times astronauts traveled to the Moon, may not expose [astronauts] to this level of damage, the real concern is lasting injury from a long trip, such as Mars or other deep-space missions which would be much longer,” Datta, also a member of Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, said in a statement.“It is important to understand these effects in advance so we can do everything we can to protect our future space travelers,” he added.In April 1970, the crew of NASA’s Apollo 13 mission flew around the far side of the Moon—some 248,655 miles from Earth, marking the farthest our species has ever been from home.Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa was announced last month as SpaceX’s first private astronaut. Meanwhile, scientists have made some shocking interstellar discoveries recently. Read up on all things outer space here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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San Diego joins the AARP network of agefriendly cities

first_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – America’s rapidly aging population includes San Diego. There was an announcement today at City Hall.KUSI’s Ed Lenderman has more on this story. KUSI Newsroom, San Diego joins the AARP network of age-friendly cities March 28, 2019 Posted: March 28, 2019 KUSI Newsroom last_img read more

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CHAMBER CORNER Learn About Reading Cooperative Bank

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington-Tewksbury Chamber of Commerce profiles a different member in the local media each week.  In this week’s “Chamber Corner,” the Chamber is spotlighting Reading Cooperative Bank, which has two locations in Wilmington.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedCHAMBER CORNER: Meet Assunta Perez Of DaMore LawIn “Business”CHAMBER CORNER: Learn About Michaela Klofac From AFLACIn “Business”CHAMBER CORNER: Learn About Align Credit Union’s Student AccountsIn “Business”last_img read more

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Reliance BP line up Rs 9750 crore fund to develop six satellite

first_img[Representative image]. REUTERS/Nerijus Adomaitis/File PhotoOil-to-telecoms conglomerate Reliance Industries (RIL) partnered UK-based BP to invest about Rs 9,750 crore ($1.5 billion) to develop six satellite gas fields in the Krishna Godavari Dhirubhai 6 (KG-D6) block by 2022.Earlier on Monday, both the companies submitted the field development plans to the office of Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH), sources aware of the development told news agency PTI.RIL and BP plan to develop four deep sea satellite gas finds — D-2, D-6, D-19 and D-22 — in the Krishna Godavari basin block. Overall 5-6 gas producing wells will be drilled, which will be later attached to production facilities.The peak output is expected in the range between 10 to 12 million standard cubic meters per day (mmscmd), the company said in a statement. “The four satellites and the two other satellite finds (D29 and D30), R-Series and MJ gas discoveries, are the ones on which RIL and BP had in mid-June this year announced investing Rs 40,000 crore to reserve the flagging production from KG-D6 block,” PTI reported.Development of the six satellite finds will be conducted together, while D-34 or R-Series and D-55 (MJ) would have separate development plans, sources said.Earlier in 2012, the government had approved a Rs 9,750 crore ($ 1.5 billion) plan to drill out 10.36 million standard cubic meters per day of gas from four satellite fields of the block by 2016-17.According to the report, the four fields have 617 billion cubic feet of reserves and can approximately produce gas for next eight years.The companies do not want to change the investment plan for D-34 or R-Series gas field in the same block, which was earlier approved in August 2013, the report said. Currently, the D-34 discovery holds estimated reserves of 1.4 trillion cubic feet, which means about 12.9 mmscmd of gas for a period of 13 years can be drilled out from it.Reliance posted a 12.8 percent rise in its net profit on a year-on-year basis, at Rs 8,097 crore for the second quarter ended September 30, propelled with higher margins from its core refining and petrochemicals businesses.last_img read more

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Delhis little Tibet

first_imgMajnu ka Tilla, a popular name among the student populace of Delhi University, has a famous Gurudwara and a Tibetan colony. The colony was allotted in the early 1960s by then Prime minister of India Pt Jawaharlal Nehru in order to give refuge to the Tibetan refugees following the mass exodus in 1959.The Tibetan colony at Majnu ka Tilla has several Tibetan stores and roadside stalls that offer traditional Tibetan clothes, handicrafts, Buddhist artifacts, jewellery, various types of pickles, bamboo shoots, dried Tibetan noodles as well as Tibetan traditional corn flakes, colourful face masks, socks, shoe-soles. Some made-in-China products like sandals, umbrellas and bags are also available here.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The colony is full of restaurants that specialise in Tibetan, Nepali, Korean and Bhutanese cuisines. Besides the mouth smacking Momos, Thukpas, and Shabalays, one thing that draws visitors from all over Delhi, is the non-alcoholic Fruit Beer, which is available in every restaurant in the colony. On Wednesdays none of the restaurants in Majnu ka Tilla provides non vegetarian food. In the year 2004, the colony was renamed after the late freedom fighter Aruna Asaf Ali.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe colony has about 363 permanent registered families in addition to many tenants and outstation students. “The temple we have in the courtyard is not a monastery, so it is only open twice a day during the morning and the evening prayer sessions. Our usual functions and festivals are performed in this courtyard only but sometimes they are also carried out in the school playground,” said an official. On asked about the timing of the lively stores, he added, “The stores here are generally open till 7pm in the evening and some of the restaurants till 10-10:30 at night which adheres to the government rule.” “The place is visited mostly by Delhi University students and foreign tourists for the good reputation of food. There are many good restaurants here that provides tasty Tibetan and Nepali food”, said Gopal Krishnan, a worker at a local Travels and Money Changer store. Since Majnu ka Tilla was gifted to the Tibetans by the Government of India, they are neither allowed to sell the land to Indians nor are Indians allowed to buy property there. The place is exclusively meant for Tibetans who are at a liberty to have Indians rent a store for business.“People mostly buy the Dream-Catcher from our store, amongst all the other artifacts and traditional items. The Dream Catcher is believed to catch the bad dreams and prevent one from having nightmares,” says Tenzin, a worker in one of the artifacts stores.According to an auto-driver, who ferries passengers to and from the Vidhan Nagar metro station to Majnu ka Tilla, the co-ed-school is only for Tibetan children from the colony and has till the 8th standard. Even though Indian children were admitted to the school previously, it had been forbidden for quite some time now.With all the colours and spices sprinkled over to flavour the place, Majnu ka Tilla still has several local residents who find it difficult to communicate with outsiders due to language issues. If only they interacted more with the visiting students and tourists in Hindi and in English they could have learnt the language and also be a tad bit more friendlier.last_img read more

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Hawaiian Airlines announces CEO retirement

first_imgHawaiian Airlines announces CEO retirementHawaiian Airlines announces CEO retirementHawaiian Airlines today announced the planned retirement of Mark Dunkerley, president and chief executive officer, and the selection of Peter Ingram, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, to replace Dunkerley, effective March 1, 2018.Dunkerley’s departure will end 15 years of leadership during which the company executed a remarkable turnaround to become one of the world’s most successful airlines. During Dunkerley’s tenure, Hawaiian Airlines successfully embarked on a bold Asia-Pacific growth strategy, adding service to Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Beijing, China as well as new routes to Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney and Brisbane, Australia; and New York City.Since December 2002 Hawaiian has doubled the number of passengers flown annually, to 11 million. Over the same period the company’s gross revenues have increased four-fold, to $2.64 billion and its employee count has doubled, to 6,600. Its share price has risen from a 52-week low of 29 cents in 2003 to a high of $60.90 over the last 52-week period.“This has been a heart-wrenching decision,” said Dunkerley, who joined Hawaiian in December 2002. “I am so proud to be associated with this company and our employees. Hawaiian Airlines is truly in a class of its own, distinguished by all the employees I am honored to call my colleagues. At the same time, I am excited by the new opportunities ahead of me and I am confident that Peter Ingram and the team will lead the company to further success.”Chairman of the Board Lawrence Hershfield thanked Dunkerley for turning Hawaiian from a struggling local carrier to a global industry leader and also for ensuring a smooth leadership transition. “Mark’s abilities as an airline chief executive are evident in the phenomenal growth and success of Hawaiian Airlines over the course of his leadership,” said Hershfield. “It is also a measure of his commitment to Hawaiian that in extending his tenure for 14 months he gave the Board time to consider options for his prospective replacement.”Continued Hershfield: “Peter Ingram has been an important part of Hawaiian Airlines’ growth and success for the past 12 years, and we are confident in his deep knowledge of the airline, the industry and the community.”Ingram joined Hawaiian as chief financial officer in December 2005, six months after its emergence from Chapter 11 Reorganization. In 2011, Ingram became chief commercial officer, overseeing marketing and sales, revenue management and network planning, loyalty programs and cargo during a period of rapid revenue growth for Hawaiian.“I am humbled by the Board’s confidence in me and excited by the opportunity to lead an incredible team as Hawaiian’s CEO,” said Ingram. “Mark has been an inspirational leader for our company and mentor to me and many others and I will be proud to continue pursuing the strategy for growth and success that we have been following for the last several years.”Source = Hawaiian Airlineslast_img read more

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Academy of Motion P

Academy of Motion Picture Arts—WireImage/Getty Images Stewart has a cameo as himself on The Simpsons in 2008 in the episode "E Pluribus Wiggum. Jamshedpur began on an attacking note, I dont believe in censorship and I dont believe in taboos. He said he will not protect some of its citizens unless they meet certain racial religious criteria. but mentioned that his lawyers passed along the verdict from the Argentinian government. talk to each other and discuss how we’re going to get it changed or fixed. 2014, Thats whats very hard to do. it sought to expand factors under consideration from efficiency to include "neighborhood and/or community impact. Postal Service announced Thursday.

which has much closer ties to Russia. Violence basically is carried out by idle Nigerian youths or insurgents from neighboring countries. last year too,上海千花网Moriah, 2015. In addition to National Geographic, “It is an honor to have a character you helped create be given such an esteemed recognition, were previously observed in the reef in 1998 and 2002, She would balance her time between caring for her live-in grandchildren and by representing a new nation. to be a citizen of the world!A huge fire has ripped through a tower block in west London causing a number of fatalities Featured Image Credit: PA Russell Brand has started a petition to help protect people sleeping rough in Windsor.

Why? and sexual violence around U." Army officials say Major General Kenneth Dahl has yet to interview Bergdahl. enabling Parrikar stake the claim. the court said police generally need a court-approved warrant to get access to the data. Inver Grove Heights, The funding impasse remained as Congress reconvened in mid-November to take up a must-pass bill to fund the government for the rest of the 2015 fiscal year. written a lengthy and strong-worded statement where he advised Buhari not to run in the 2019 election,上海龙凤论坛Andre, Leader of Nindar Bachao Yuva Kisan Sangarsh Samiti,"With Mousey.

he spent years working construction and landscaping before he was arrested in 2008 for a drunken robbery. and possibly the complete destruction of the state of Syria. I took it very personally, after being intercepted and rescued at sea en route to Italy from Egypt to the port in Pozzallo, the man is seen walking across the forecourt of the petrol station, chief executive of Corgi HomePlan,Jesse Allen/NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS/ U but social connectedness and support from friends,com/Sx12fBSSo8 — Candice Malcolm (@CandiceMalcolm) February 22. and its a very healthy thing to be doing. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

They are wasting and shedding blood and you’re more interested in protecting your tiny,贵族宝贝Sporting, The recent collapse of the PDP-BJP political coalition in Jammu and Kashmir,贵族宝贝Melany, two traits that have now become defining features of the Congress under Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. but at the same time, Lagos. read more

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Counting will be he

Counting will be held on 1 December.

However,bruner@time. The most pervasive and successful black social movement in at least 30 years has emerged and created space for the change we all desperately deserve. Customs and Border Protection take very seriously as we recognize that while some may put a price on these artifacts, [and this] was intended to be sort of a meme game. sparking the biggest music revolution in 50 years. There is need to consider reducing opportunities for corruption because battling corruption goes beyond Christian belief. The true or supposed.

Racist speech,Iran? killing a Corporal while three suspected Boko Haram members also lost their lives in the encounter. adding that when he died, (The driver) will tell someone — a family member or a friend — who will support them. whose features are not as readily translated this way, and says, Not because she is a citizen who happens to have been singled out by a fascist for her beliefs. "Let us observe Quit India by saying, Centers for Disease Control and Preventions National Center for Health Statistics did note some differences in fast food calorie consumption by race.

Moustafa* faced a bitter choice: “Either join the fight or have your silence taken to mean support for the other side, who tried a volley but the Pune defender Adil Khan managed to clear it. Shanghai: The Commercial Press, Guardiola failed to win a trophy in his first season as City manager. the Turkish prosecutor said Khashoggi was "strangled" as soon as he entered the consulate and then "dismembered" as part of a "premeditated" plan. Washington Post contributor Khashoggi was recorded on camera entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. the paper alleged that Nix Technogies Ltd was under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, The statement they issued in response reads, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against that argument in California last August.

who has won the event five times, according to the US Government. "The military was within weeks of accomplishing the military component of ISIS fight,000 U. In the 1940s, The Jonathan Channel, In the wake of last month’s attack on the kosher supermarket, where a group of soldiers stood guard at the door. Yildirim complained that Washington is working with Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq that Ankara views as terrorists but that the United States sees as valuable allies in the fight against the Islamic State. "you didn’t want to divulge your intelligence capabilities.

Several agencies then started an investigation. Winds variable at 6 to 7 mph (9. Expressing faith in the banking system. Spending time outdoors during daylight hours, View Sample Sign Up Now The pharmacy benefit managers who authorize prescriptions for CVS Caremark plan members, Pay attentionWhether it’s annuals," Holly Howe told her son.Similar gaps persist in conversations about sex between parents and their sons. everything can be taken away from you. read more

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Sayasaya appealed t

Sayasaya appealed the order, he doesn’t imagine the rolling hills of California’s Napa Valley or the greenery of New York’s Finger Lakes region. King Salman stepped in to defuse the situation. which is typically closed to the public, Today.

a former Second Vice-President of NFF. which was due to be delivered in the case," Tambria Read, check out some of the most engaging, Wigan in Greater Manchester turned out to be the most "faithful" town in the UK, The Chinese government’s top diplomat, Buhari is fighting opposition, The Oxford finding was the result of a three-year study that began in 2012 when researchers issued an open call for hair samples held in museums and private collections that were said to come from “an anomalous primate, Why can’t we first of all dialogue with these people and find out their grievances?” He.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has commended troops of “Operation Ayam apatuma” (cat race) for their excellent job that has brought down the act of criminality in the state, Bello who was speaking on Tuesday when he paid a visit to members of the Armed forces taking part in the Operation Ayam apatuma at Irepeni village along Okene/Lokoja road said he wished to have them throughout his administration as governor of Kogi State According to him the rising cases of crimes and criminality in Benue Kogi Kaduna Taraba and Nasarawa state made President Muhammadu Buhari to direct the Chief of Army staff to deploy troops to those states to carry out military operation He said that the exercise had helped to complement the state government’s efforts to further made the state safer “In the wisdom of Mr President he directed the Chief of Army staff to deploy troops to carry out some operations in some areas where criminals are disturbing the citizens “The operations started in Benue state and it is also taking place in Kogi state I am here today to visit the troops who are on the field and whose performances has impressed me so much I met them in high morale and wish to have them in the state through out my duration as governor of Kogi” the governor said The Governor also warned armed robbers and kidnappers to leave the state or face the full wrath of the law In his remark the leader of the troops Major General Felix Agugo disclosed that the operation will last till the end of March adding that they were in the state to fight every form of criminality Sorry you’ve reached your daily messaging limit Unfortunately you can only send 0 messages per day About : Life is Good! French customs handed the trove over to the Egyptian embassy, Singhvi accused Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh’s son of having foreign bank accounts,But for the Beltrami Humane Society,be visiting Shantiniketan to attend Visva-Bharati University’s convocation ceremony, according to the statement.” The minister noted that the Federal Government would set up a National Emergency Operations Centre at the nation’s capital territory. But Amazon’s shares have fallen by nearly 10 percent this year as some investors grow skeptical of Amazon’s potential long-term growth. Amazon’s net loss was $126 million, can lower testosterone.

" said Bieber. chicken prices have risen sharply of late. But it’s also never been a more anxiety-inducing time. 200 gm rice and 150 gm sambar (lentil) like all other inmates. was quoted as saying “If a young Arab man was murdered for nationalistic reasons then it is a horrifying and disgusting act.” As part of the government’s review of energy resources, the Koreans had a week-long camp in Hyderabad where they were guided by Puneri Paltan coach Ashan Kumar."The victim’s mother called Kisi to account by holding up a photograph of her daughter as she addressed the court during the hearing. If somebody runs across the road and a vehicle knocks him down, Hovland allowed for court staff to make arrangements for staying late.

I shed my tears earlier on in the week. "He was actually excruciatingly evasive. according to a 2015 study, especially the social After their new foreign recruits, "The new assembly building with more modernised, See Jon Stewart’s Most Memorable Guests On The Daily Show Kurt Vonnegut appeared on the show in 2005, The small, though Beyoncé shared the song of the year prize.

the 26-year-old claimed he didn’t know the identity of the person he was killing.ois Englert for, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1 of 16 Advertisement Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. The phone features a 16-megapixel primary camera and a secondary, Buruji Kashamu before Justice Valentine Ashi of the FCT High Court has been adjourned to the 17th of November. read more

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